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May 27, 2012 08:04 AM

Boutique Deli, Clapham Junction, London

Good rustic bread, slightly springy and chewy, a wonderful base for their croque madame, well balanced with ham, cheese and just the right amount of bechamel, topped with a fried egg. The textures come together impeccable, the meaty soft yield from the ham, the gently chewy cheese, and oozy rich bechamel. Straightforward and delicious.

Lovely brioche, coarse crumbed, breaking lightly natural fissures that are sheet-like, as though the dough had been layered and folded with butter, in contrast to the wispy swirly textures of others that I've had in the past. Good rustic rendition, and perfect with strawberry jam.

Macchiato is layered elegantly into a slender cup, with big airy foam at the top.

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  1. Their croissants are the best I've had outside France (and better than many there). I haven't tried their lunchtime pies but a friend says they are excellent. Cakes however are stodgy.
    There is now a second Deli Boutique: the café Limster went to is probably the one on St John's Hill. The new one is on Webbs Road; both are in Battersea, within 15 minutes walk of Clapham Junction.

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      BTW, their tarte tatin is superb -- soft apple richly and deeply caramelised, then a hit from the crust, many layers of paper thin pastry crackling and breaking in rapid succession. Haven't tried the new one yet (thanks for the info!), assuming that it's as good?

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        Is it near the train station? :-)

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          Both branches are about 15 minutes walk away from Clapham Junction station. St john's Hill is a bit closer.