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May 27, 2012 05:37 AM

roasted pig for reception

Holding an outdoor reception July 14 and would like to serve slow-roasted or pulled pork for about 75 guests. Cost is an issue. Any ideas as to who caters this or, alternatively, where we can rent a roaster and purchase dressed pig?

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  1. Aesop's Table in St Paul?

    1. I know I've seen the chef at the Modern do a whole roasted pig before. Don't know if he caters but it might be worth a call.

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      1. re: LiaM

        You can do a whole roasted pig at House of Wu in Burnsville.

      2. Divine Swine out of Lakeville catered a work event for us years ago. As I recall, it was quite good.

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        1. re: justalex

          my issue with divine swine was that the pig was not scalded, so the skin was part is fatty, crispy skin, no?

          1. re: mitch cumstein

            As I said, this was years ago. I certainly don't remember hairy skin. That doesn't sound too tempting as I'm with you on the fatty, crispy skin. Perhaps the OP could request they scald the pig beforehand. Now I'm going to go scald my mind of roasted hairy pig skin. Erp!

            1. re: justalex

              Processors with scalding tanks are getting hard to find. One in Lake Pepin area is the only one I know of. A local farm that can get you a scalded hog is Hidden Stream. Google them if you're interested, but they have nothing to do with fully cooked beasts as far as I know. They may know of a caterer who does them however.