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May 27, 2012 05:06 AM

2 Meals in Vegas...

Hi There,

I'm staying at the Mandarin Oriental next week for a conference, but will have breakfast & lunch on Monday open for exploring. I'm hoping to have a pretty low key morning, so something nearby would be fantastic.

Breakfast - I looked at the MOzen menu, it looks pretty good, but I've heard it's pricey. Is there any other breakfast spots nearby that have some great character ( and are a bit easier on the wallet), or is MOzen really a must try ( I see good reviews here). I could do buffet or a la carte, and I'm a sucker for a really good classic eggs benny.

Lunch - As I intend on spending a good chunk of the morning poolside, I'd like a lunch spot nearby as well (10-15 minutes walking). I've eaten at lunch Delmonico's twice, and LOVED the food! It was a few years back, but I really enjoyed the comfort food menu. I'm open to lots of styles of cuisine, but I'm not a big sushi fan. I'm also dining solo, so something with good people watching views would be great!

Thanks so much!

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  1. For a quick bit, lunch perhaps, I suggest the pizza parlor at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is great pizza.

    1. It's $58 but Mozen's brunch looks amazing. Here's a link:
      There have been very positive posts about this brunch. I'm considering it for me and my wife in June. (10th Anniversary trip as far away from the kids as possible). For lunch, Jaleo, Jaleo, Jaleo and Jaleo. The pizza at the Cosmo is great as it tastes like really good authentic East Coast style pizza which most of us out here in the west know nothing about. But for great cocktails, people watching and amazing tapas I highly suggest Jaleo. I'll report back after our trip.

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        I agree, Jaleo is a really great place- fun atmosphere and good food- but, unless they've changed their hours VERY recently, I'm pretty sure they're not open for lunch.

        Lots of the best restaurants in that area of the strip are dinner only, but a few that come to mind that I think are worth checking out are Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria in Crystals or Milos in Cosmo.

        If you decide to go a little further, jump in a cab to Venetian/Palazzo- they have some of the best lunch options on the strip (Morel's, Bouchon, SushiSamba, and quite a few others).

      2. Julian Serrano inside Aria IS open for lunch. It has some pretty tasty tapas. I go there for a subsitute brunch as their potatoes and eggs with chorizo sausage is very nice. Also, you have Milos in the Cosmopolitan.