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May 27, 2012 04:43 AM

Purdys Farmer & The Fish

Loud, Loud, Loud. Food justall right. Disconnected service. Half our appetizers are served after waiting 40 minutes. Dinner entrees just ok. Maybe try again on a weeknight at a later date.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You know, I agree with you about the service, and it is loud in there. My husband and I have eaten there twice, and do plan to go back at some point-but not on a weekend. I drive past the restaurant every day, and it is packed. I really think Ed tries hard to accomodate his customers, and
      I think he is charming-the second time we went we didn't have a reservation, and he went upstairs and got a table so we could eat there. It wasn't necessary, or even desired ( especially by the people sitting near us). I really think he just wants everyone to have a good time-it works if you want to talk to your neighbors, but not everyone enjoys that. It's fine with me because I know lots of people in town, but my husband doesn't really like it. And it really is loud! However, I like the friendly, casual atmosphere, and the food and plan to go back-as soon as the crowd dies down a little!

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      1. re: juliemoose

        Still spent over $200 for an unacceptable night. Shouldn't happen. Not too thrilled with the response I received.

        1. re: aklangus

          Not a good night from the start: disengaged bartender couldn't even be bothered to open the two mini bottle of Cava we order. And they were screw tops. The noise, as has been noted often, was unbearable. When my wife made the reservation she was told we could have a table in the "garden area." The "garden area" turned out actually to be the smallish front porch, which sits very near to the road and is surrounded by people either waiting for a table or having a smoke. The food was mediocre, at the best. The service was rushed. Plates were being taken away before everyone was finished, the bread basket disappeared between starters and main course and the general feeling was that we were being rushed out to make way for the next seating. There were four us and we weren't dawdling by any means. Afraid this one is off the list....

          1. re: frank113

            Sorry to hear that they still haven't solved some of their issues. It's going to be a long time before we go back. Thanks for posting.

            1. re: frank113

              I don't know why there are multiple threads on this restaurant, but I think the other one had many more replies, since you talk about the noise having been noted often, but there is no mention of it here.

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Not sure what your point is. As to references to the noise problem, of the 3 posts in the thread before mine 2 of them mention the noise level. The 3rd just found it all "unacceptable."

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Visit 1 - Sunday Brunch
            I went for Brunch and had Top-Neck Clams; Lobster Hash and Clam Chowder. So here's the deal.
            They seem to care about tables with larger amounts of people, bigger tips. The Top-Neck Clams were great. They own a Fish Monger business so if his clams were bad then I'd suspect real trouble. God made the clams, not them, so my gripe was with the cocktail sauce, and the fresh ground horseradish. It's wasn't hot enough and did not like the overall taste of the sauce. Use Heinz, Golds, Tabasco, Lemon! That's it! -The Clam Chowder had a smoky bacon flavor to it. This is not traditional and I really hated it. It was not thick like a chowder should be. Other folks might like this, but not me. I did not really eat it, and the waiter asked me what was wrong. I told him there was an odd smokey taste and no clams in the soup to really speak of. He replied, " Would you like me to put some more clams from the raw bar in the soup?" REALLY? The Final dish was my entree which was a Lobster Hash. Traditionally the potatoes in a hash are grilled. These were deep fried, and with a paltry amount of tiny lobster pieces, I found the dish underwhelming. The sunny-side egg on top was perfectly done. Again, it's just not what I had expected. The Service was highly unpolished, and when a group of 10 came in, I was very quickly ignored. The bill was $60 and the clam chowder still on the bill left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

            Visit 2 (a Wednesday Evening) Restaurant packed and this time LOUD. Brought in with a friend, we waited for 2 to clear at the bar for stools. Took some time to get a drink, and even longer to order a myriad of clams, oysters and shrimp in a platter. After 35 minutes, the platter arrived from a distance of 5 feet. The platter had no cocktail sauce. Asked the bartender for some. and waited. We watched him tell the shucker and we thought he did not hear him. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Asked the bartender again, finally 10 minutes for sauce, and two tiny sauce cups at that; not nearly enough for the amount of seafood we had ordered. Now, for the food: The seafood was good. But, you can get good seafood in MANY places. Restaurants simply choose to buy cheap shrimp and it tastes like it too. but after $170 with few drinks, The Bill for two was LARGE, the service at the bar poor. They ran out of Grey Goose? How do you do that? And the crowd was crushingly loud. I wonder what people see in this place? I simply don't get it! Sure the seafood is decent, but all the other shortcomings outweigh the positive. I can't see myself going back as it was not a fun experience.

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            1. re: DWeiss

              They just got a review in the Westchester Magazine. Last month or this one not sure.

              1. re: paris1976

                I never go by their reviews. They tend to be biased. Not sure if these places advertise with them or what, but they give glowing reviews to places that are clearly not glowing!

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  I have to agree with you...I always prefer word of mouth. The Westchester usually does give good reviews. These places probably do advertise. I also don't get the NYT on giving confusing reviews then write dont miss. I also hate the way they are ratings places now...Ugh....

                2. re: paris1976

                  There was a review in NYT last Sunday and they received a Don't Miss rating, despite the fact that there were several disappointments, including something along the lines that all the desserts "needed re-thinking".

                  It was a really confusing review.

                  1. re: chipmonger

                    I agree. I saw that review. I'm still not in any rush to go back. The noise levels are still very bothersome.

                    1. re: aklangus

                      MH Reed is a... well, let's say I'm not a fan.

                      But that review was UNUSUALLY contradictory.
                      If you only read the text, it sounds like a "fair", but then it gets rated "Don't Miss"???

                      made absolutely no sense.

                      1. re: weedy

                        He rates a lot of things Don' t Miss that I Don't Get!

                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                          What makes you assume MH Reed is a "he?"

                          1. re: Axel Heyst

                            good grief - whatever he or she is - I disagree with a lot of the ratings.

                            1. re: wincountrygirl

                              She. And she is usually correct and on target. This time, I agree with the Hounds. F&F is very good seafood made by G-D and shucked by staff. The food is not inventive the place is loud. The waitstaff is subpar (most of them) the clam chowder tastes like smoky dishwater. I had the Lobster Hash for brunch and was very disappointed for being over inventive, and deep frying the potato. Twice I've been, and twice I came away with a large bill and an uninspired visit. They are LOUD. But I'd overlook if the food and service were good. Let's face it. He is buying clams lower than 18 cents, oyster around 25, maybe, and I'm not sure if his shrimp is Gulf, but it's a regular quality. i have had fresh Gulf shrimp and it is distinctive! His, not so much. So, I can go to any very good quality seafood market, and put it all together myself with a far better cocktail sauce. It's just my opinion.

                              1. re: DWeiss

                                I think she writes badly and is almost always wrong.
                                It's like generic fill in the blank food writing.

              2. Terrific meal here this weekend. Went without reservations on a Friday night and had to badger the front desk a bit after the promised 30' wait had b/c 60', but waiting at the bar was fun and the cocktails well-built. Oysters and shrimp were fresh, cod entree was crusty on the outside but still tender inside and came with generous lobstah chunks. Escarole contorni was well imagined. Nice wines by the glass. I sampled Ms. Poindexter's white chocolate bread pudding, which I never would have ordered in a million years, and it was spectacular.
                Great old space.
                Boisterous and loud, but I don't mind that when I go out--plenty of comfortable & quiet places in Westchester with insipid food and patrons...

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                1. re: Poindexter

                  that's good, I hate all those restaurants in Westchester with the stale, old oysters and shrimp...