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May 27, 2012 03:20 AM

Cake baking in convection oven

Help! I just moved into a new apartment with an oven that has four options: convection cooking, convection broiling, broiling, and defrost(??). I tried baking a sponge cake for tres leches last night, and while it rose hugely and browned nicely, it fell within a few minutes of being taken out of the oven. Now I'm reading in various places online that convection ovens are actually lousy for cake baking...but given my lack of ability to switch to a conventional mode, is there any other way I can adjust the baking process to improve my results? TIA!

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  1. I just moved to a convection-only house and found (after some reading online) that the main suggestions are to try 1) dropping the temp about 25-50 degrees from what the recipe suggests or 2) dropping the cook time by 25%. I have had better luck with baked goods by dropping the temperature and leaving the cook time alone.