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May 27, 2012 02:25 AM

[Mystic] Flood Tide

This restaurant, attached to the “Inn at Mystic”, possibly has the best views in the area. Located on top of a small rise, you look out through large windows to the River below. There’s good service and, if conversation flags, there’s a pianist to listen to. Or the chefs to watch in what I think is the most open of open kitchens I’ve come across.

Unsurprisingly for this part of the world, the menu leans towards seafood and the chefs do justice to the produce. “Clams Casino” were delicious – served on the half shell and topped with a mix of butter, peppers, bacon and garlic and a light sprinkling of panko. So, that was my partner sorted out. Unfortunately, they were out of my first two choices of starter. Third choice proved to be excellent – rings of Rhode Island squid, floured and quickly fried to a superb crispness. Scattered amongst them, rings of a mildish chilli pepper. The dish was finished with a drizzle of sriracha flavoured aioli. Really excellent.

For a main course, king prawns had been stuffed with crab and wrapped in bacon before being roasted in the wood oven. Perfectly executed, the crab flavour was muted but that was because of the usual American practice of only using the white meat and not including the more flavoursome brown meat. There was a little savoury cream sauce. And a tomato risotto (offered and accepted when the advertised mashed potato was declined).

And to prove the kitchen can cook meat as well as it can cook seafood, chicken breast had been fried with a light coating of crushed coriander. Alongside, some thin slices of fennel, also fried, gave an interesting aniseed twist, while a white bean and pancetta “cassoulet” acted as a sort of carb. My pleasure at getting stuck into eating this was enhanced by the whole roasted beetroot, which sat there adding a blast of colour to the plate. It was sweet, earthy and just lovely. Both main courses came with a broccoli and green bean mix.

A really good dinner which had left us too full for dessert.

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  1. Great to host a London chap like yourself to this part of the world!

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    1. re: ctfoodguy

      I'm sure you intended no insult- but I'm a north westerner, not a Londoner. London's a foreign country. :-0

      1. re: Harters

        So sorry! No insult intended. Hope you enjoyed New England!

        1. re: ctfoodguy

          We've been visiting the States since 1980 but this was the first time to New England. Loved it. Nice countryside, nice people, good food - what's not to like?

          1. re: Harters

            Harter, thanks for your reviews of these various restaurants. I enjoyed reading them and plan on going to a few that I haven't been to yet such as Bravo Bravo and Flood Tide. Good job.

    2. I live about 20 min from Flood Tide, and I've been meaning to go there forever!! It's kinda sad that someone from across the pond made it there first, but at least now I know the quality hasn't lagged... Thank you Harters!!