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May 27, 2012 02:22 AM

[Mystic] Steak Loft

Erm, they do steak. Not the finest flavoured steak you’ll ever come across, but certainly OK. In our case, this was a sirloin and a ribeye. They came with baked potato and an inclusive salad bar plate. Salad bar was good – everything looking fresh and crisp, with a good range of ingredients and dressings.

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  1. I've only eaten there a few times while traveling from NJ to the Cape (I guess it's considered the halfway mark) at the behest of family members I was traveling with. I'm not the biggest fan of steak...I can appreciate a good steak when I have one, but if I went through the rest of my life without eating another steak, it wouldn't be a tragedy...but I suspect this isn't going to appear on anyone's list of high-end steak restaurants. Having said that, I thought it was a decent enough meal for a reasonable price, and when one is traveling a long distance, that's pretty much all one can ask of a place. As far as sandwiches and such go, it's not too bad. And there's a certain dark, cavelike feel to the place that I found kind of appealing. If I lived in the area and wasn't driving, I'd probably (in my drinking days, anyway) spend a lot of time at the circular bar.

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      The Steak Loft has been there for more than 30 years. While not gourmet or trendy, it is still a good steak and salad place. It also offers other items like fish and chicken. If is was not good I doubt it would still be in business. Jay

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        The Steak Loft has survived almost 40 years. To do this it doesn't have to be 'good,' merely adequate and clean. It is in a prime location for I-95 travelers with easy on/off, parking and the ability to handle large amounts of diners.

        The concept is old and tired, but between the travelers, the outlet mall and aqaurium visitors, and the casino goers it can survive.

        I end up stopping there about once in three years, just because it's there, available and clean.

        It reminds me of stopping at Howard Johnson's more than 50 years ago when we went cross country by car. My father always said. The food is mediocre, the service is slow, but the rest rooms are always clean.

          1. re: temilove

            I'm glad you appreciate it. I miss my dad (he died three years ago). Right or wrong, he was always right, somethings it took me a few years to realize it.