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May 27, 2012 02:21 AM

[Stonington] Noah's

Noah’s didn’t get off to the best of starts with us. As we entered for lunch, a member of staff walked towards us, holding a couple of menus and made eye contact. “Table for two, please”, I said. “I’m not working”, she replied. And walked off again. We continued to be ignored so just sat ourselves down at an empty table. At which point, menus were proffered by another staff member and, from then, service was fine.

It’s a short menu and a bit of an odd one at that. The sort where there isn’t really a house cuisine and you might think the chef has come up with a disparate range of dishes, working on the assumption that everyone will find something they want to eat. However usually, as in this case, it means that while you can, indeed, find something to eat, you don’t find yourself with much choice of things you fancy.

We just had a main course. My partner took the “quiche of the day” – bacon and cheddar – good crisp pastry with a lovely light filling; the cheese nice and tangy. My own plate was a disappointment. Mexican spiced salmon was overcooked and, whilst it had clearly been given a rub of something, this had added no detectable flavour. Rice, black beans and an avocado/tomato salsa were very bland accompaniments.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Noah's. I would have recommended that you stick to local seafood items. They make one of my very favorite chowders in the country. Also, though they are OK at lunch, like many places, it is best at dinner. The "disparate" range may have had to do with the fact that there is definitely a Portuguese influence. (The Portuguese were among the first to fish in New England, and there is also a decent-sized Portuguese community in New England generally, and among the fishers.) Though that doesn't explain the "Mexican" fish...

    I haven't been back since last summer, however, so hopefully this isn't a downhill alert.

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      Went to Noah's for the first time today for lunch. It was a nice bright winter day and we felt like a little food field trip from central Conn. We got there a little early, around 11:30, but lunch was being served, so we were all set. Took the front corner table in the bar, it was good for people and traffic watching on Water St. Down to the food, it was great! No disappointments whatsoever. Ms SBXSTR had a Bloody Mary that, while maybe a little on the small side, was excellent, some spiciness and a tad of horseradish. 5 out of 5. Next up for her was one of her benchmarks: New England clam chowder (they also served RI chowder).She said it was creamy (but not cream based, milk based) and buttery and full of fresh clams. Another 5 out of 5. For lunch, cheddar - potato cod cakes on a bed of spinach with a vinaigrette. It was a special and the menu said it was served with remoulade, whose zing would have made this dish another 5 out of 5. Otherwise, it was 4/5. I had the bleu burger, medium rare with a slice of onion. Best burger I've had in a long time. Coked a little bit more than asked for but still yummy. My only complaint was the bleu cheese was strong and a little overpowering. I'll let it pass. So it's also a 5/5. Probably moves to the #1 slot over the burger from Apricots in Farmington. And also a plus was that it was 6 oz, So many places serve 8+ oz today and they are just too big for my 63 year old appetite. Starch was hash browns, which were very good as well. We will definitely be back and often!!

      1. re: sbxstr

        We go there often for dinner. We really like their seafood. Not fancy just good food. We always get their guacamole. Noah's was in the movie Hope Springs with Meryl Streep & thommy Lee jones. Just a fun fact. Lots of fun stores in stonington also!