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May 27, 2012 02:07 AM

Durgin Park

Well, yes, of course it’s touristy. But then, we were tourists and, more to the point, it was great fun. Not great food unfortunately – but great fun. We loved the casual nature of the place, the buzz – the long dining room tables which you share with others. And the home style in which the food is offered – although, if I’m honest, our own home style isn’t quite as rustic as Durgin Park’s.

Both of us went with beef – a pot roast and a 16oz rib. The former was the better bet – long cooked and very flavoursome (it was, presumably, brisket). The rib was very tender and perfectly cooked to the requested medium rare, but it was very lacking in the flavour department. And swimming in a lake of thin, not very pleasant, gravy. Mashed potatoes were excellent. Carrots were not so much “al dente” as simply undercooked. We also took an order of Boston baked beans. Well, it’d be a sin not to. These were good – sweet and savoury at the same time. Really good.

Unusually for us, we found desserts to be the better of the courses. Two local classics – Indian Pudding and Boston Cream Pie. Both good in their own ways. The pie, actually a sponge cake, filled with a light cream and topped with a none too sweet chocolate. The pudding just the sort of comfort food you’d want on a chilly night. Heavy, rib-sticking and tooth-achingly sweet – I loved it.

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  1. Thanks for all your reviews. I enjoy your UK posts. I recommend DP to tourists (and locals) as it is quintessentially olde Boston in experience and does have older dishes that are becoming rare 9e.g. indian pudding). One can get better if not bigger prime rib, but overall it's a fun experience. I've not tried their pot roast but will on a dreary february night when winter seems too long.

    1. thx harters. recent visitors have reported enjoying it but your report is better detailed and perfect for linking to future people asking about 'quintessential Boston' experiences.( When I first came to Boston in 1971, they used to serve a very good roast duck; too bad that's not on the menu any more!)

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        I do remember that roast duck! It was a 1/2 whole flattened duck, simply roasted and delicious, but that was 25 years ago.