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May 26, 2012 09:50 PM

What to eat at Recette (New Menu??)??


I was trying to narrow down a few dishes to have at Recette ( 2 people so about 6-8 dishes I guess). While researching, I saw a lot of comments about the Foie but I couldn't find it on their menu. Does anyone know if it changed recently?

Out of the things that are still on it, the ones that I was thinking about were,
1. Salt Cod Fritters
2. Marinated Hamachi
3. Fresh Cut Spaghetti
4. Roasted Scallops
5. Duck Breast
6. Pork Belly
7. Smores

Anything that I can add/should remove? I would have loved to have some Foie but alas!!

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. I believe their menu is seasonal and changes often.

    6-8 dishes is way too many. The menu is listed in order of light dishes to heavy dishes. I would only order 5 dishes or so including dessert. You'll probably need your server's help gauging size as it can vary.

    Recent review here:

    1. Definitely try the scallops,and also the sweetbreads.

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        Second the sweetbreads. Although i admit i had the sweetbreads, the duck and a fabulous dessert and it was too much for me. Fabulous, but too rich.

      2. I think the waitress told me they'd JUST changed the sweetbreads preparation from "crispy sweetbreads" to the roulade I had, earlier this week. The roulade was fantastic -- but honestly, I've never had a sweetbreads prep at Recette I didn't like.

        Here's a brief rundown of the food we tried at a recent meal. There are photographs here:

        Wild arugula salad with kumquat, mint, lemon, hazelnuts and ricotta salata. I didn't love this salad when I tried it the first time, in the middle of winter. But this iteration was extremely refreshing in the heat, a study of how enjoyable bitter flavors can be. Kumquats were nice and ripe, with a gorgeous, concentrated fragrance and a pleasantly acidic, bitter bite. When eaten with the well dressed arugula, the kumquat's sweeter notes began to come through. The fats from the ricotta salata and hazelnuts tempered the bitterness a bit without dumbing down the intensity of the flavors.

        The Hawaiian blue prawn crudo with fried heads, red sorrel, lemon and sea salt came as two plates. The first plate included two prawns split in half lengthwise, which were yielding without being mushy. The sea salt and the barely there sprinkle of ground red pepper highlighted the prawns' sweetness. The second plate presented the heads of the prawns deep fried to crispy, nearly greaseless perfection, perched atop slices of lemon. There was still some juicy prawn meat attached to the heads, causing the heads to burst open delightfully in the mouth (a scene straight out of a shrimp horror flick :).

        A dish of marinated arctic char with oysters, crunchy salad, celeriac, bonito broth and bottarga was outstanding for the quality of the ingredients. The oysters, especially, were gorgeously plump and sweet. I initially didn't notice them hiding out underneath the arctic char and the bite I took of silky fish, juicy oyster and slightly smokey broth, together, rendered me speechless with surprise and delight.

        The beef carpaccio with Burrata, tomato jam, porcini purée, basil and watercress was the approximate size, color and shape of a human heart, a slightly creepy, but intriguing presentation. In terms of flavor, it was actually more about the burrata than the beef, probably. The lobe of creamy white cheese came dramatically draped with very thinly sliced beef and basil seeds. The cheese tasted very nice with the basil seeds and tomato jam, but beef seemed to be an afterthought, its flavors overwhelmed by the other components.

        A more mundane dish of roasted cauliflower raviolo with sepia, guanciale, mascarpone and "ocean broth" included meaty chunks of porcini mushrooms, much to my mushroom-phobic dining companion's chagrin. Non-mushroom lovers would enjoy the dish, though, and appreciate that the porcini camouflaged itself among the similarly sized chunks of guanciale to delicious effect. The sauce (or "broth") was creamy with mascarpone, the sepia offered almost no resistance when chewed.

        A new dish, the sweetbread "roulade" (whose description hasn't made it onto the posted online menu, yet, unfortunately), came bacon-wrapped with browned cauliflower florets, cippolini onions, tatsoi and capers on the side. It was texturally similar to bacon-wrapped scallops, with sweetbreads in place of scallops. The attractively browned sweetbreads were mild in flavor and so tender they were in danger of falling apart. Cippolini onions and cauliflower were caramelized and so good I would've ordered a bowl of these had they been on the menu.

        I'm not sure why I'm never really wowed by the desserts at Recette. It's possible that if I were to encounter them elsewhere, I'd be more interested. But after the succession of stellar savory plates and perhaps because my palate leans savory rather than sweet, maybe it just takes more to make an impression. Whatever the case, I did find the rhubarb "baba" with rhubarb soup, strawberry ginger ice cream, poppy seed maple brioche and pistachios visually lovely. Rhubarb soup matched the exact shade of the pinkish candied ginger garnish on the brioche. Flavor-wise, I thought the dish was enjoyable, but not something I'd go out of my way for. My favorite component was the vividly flavored strawberry ginger ice cream, which I liked well enough to spar with my dining companion's spoon for.

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          Have you had their s' mores dessert? We were wowed by that.

          The arugula salad you mentioned sounds excellent! And I, too, agree with you that Recette should be in contention for a Michelin star. Far worse restaurants have stars!

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            I don't think I have had the S'mores dessert, lora. I'll try that next time. For the record, a lot of people I've eaten at the restaurant with seem to really like the desserts and I very well may be a freak of nature.

            That salad is great if you enjoy bitter flavors! I actually think it'd be best served alongside a very rich dish like foie gras or pork belly, to help recalibrate your tongue.