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May 26, 2012 07:09 PM

Tacuba in Branford

My son kept trying to drag me out here.

"There's plenty of tasty tacos right here in New Haven hun. Why do we have to go dragging out to the hinterlands?"

He kept pestering me. Finally went this past week and it was very good. All kinds of nice uses of fruits, herbs and vegetables in sauces, salads and beverages. Son and his dad had meat tacos, about which they made enthusiastic noises.

I'm going to have to go back and try it again when I am wide awake and can get a clearer impression, but I liked it.

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  1. Isn't this the talented chef/couple who had owned Roomba in NH yrs ago , and then The Suburban. We had such terrific food at The Sub. and were so surprised to hear it closed. We're hoping Tacuba is still there and doing well? Anybody?

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      You are correct - it is Franco Camacho and his wife Suzette who have opened Tacuba and right next door, The Waterhouse. Two very different restaurant, but both with great food. Tacuba is taco bar, very casual, but great fresh food. The Waterhouse is a more upscale place, but expect great food from both. Franco always seems to get it right. But I sure miss Roomba in New Haven! That space is still empty after all these years.

      1. re: jmar0616

        Waterhouse is already closed for dinner -- only open as "Seawich" for lunch and until early evening (7:00 PM) mid-week. I can't really agree that Franco always gets it right -- his more recent efforts have been over-priced and not always pleasant experiences, IMHO.

        1. re: linguist

          I have to agree with linguist. We loved Roomba...thought Bespoke was good but overpriced....really didn't like Suburban. We had dinner at Waterhouse during the summer just when they started the $45 prix fixe and had a fabulous meal, but I do think that they were shooting a bit high. While Petit Cafe has long been successful with that concept, I think that there is a limited universe for relatively expensive prix fixe restaurants in a place like Branford. Now I understand that they're serving Roomba's old menu at Tacuba for dinner service. It's all getting very, very confusing...

          1. re: lsnhc

            gosh, and here i am thinking-if they serve some of roomba's items, i'd be soo lucky to live nearby ! I loved Roomba and we had some of our best U.S. travel meals at Suburban, so i guess we are just major fans of his. (And his prices always seemed very reasonable to us, his portions usually very generous.) Frankly, we were flabbergasted when Suburban closed; move it to Boston and what a big hit it would be....