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May 26, 2012 06:56 PM

Road trip from Boston to New York, via Rhode Island and Connecticut

Hey everyone,
I'm new to Chow hound. I joined because me and my girlfriend are meeting some of my cousins who are visiting New York from Ireland. We are leaving Boston, and driving through RI and CT before we get to NY and were looking for some good places to grub on the way. We are looking for inexpensive stuff, maybe things we can eat in the car, and definitely things that you can only find in that area would be cool too. We are already planning on stopping at Venda Ravioli and Pastice in Providence (I lived in RI for a little while so we've already tried a bunch of stuff there.) And we are also planning on hitting the pizza trifecta in CT (pepe's, sally's, and modern), and maybe Nardelli's too. And when we get to NY we were gonna go to some pizza places and maybe Katz's too. So is there any places I'm missing? Any great bagel, pizza/subs, homemade italian, or seafood places would be great

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  1. You are talking a 4 hour trip in a car. Or are you going by horseback? How many places do you need to try for the trip? Seriously, what day of the week, what time of day? If you still want pizza after eating what I presume is Italian an hour and a half earlier, go to Modern as it's the only one of the "trifecta" you can be more or less sure of getting into (except mondays) without a long or eternal wait. Unless you want the white clam, then Pepe's is a must, wait or not. Keep in mind that there is a Pepe's in Fairfield, half an hour down I-95 from New Haven and the white clam there is just as good as New Haven without the usual wait. Nardelli's, why?

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      Well we're leaving early on Friday, and making a long day out of it, because my cousins won't get in until late Friday night. I definitely want to try the clam pizza at pepe's. I figured we'd get a small pizza at each place just to try, because in my 20 years, this is my first trip to NYC, so I figured I'm probably not gonna make it back for a while, if ever, so I want to stop at all the places I can. I saw Nardellis on tv and it looked pretty good, why is it not?

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        I like Nardelli's just fine, but it's not worthy of a special, gotta-have-it stop on your trip. And what joe777cool said, WELCOME!

        What IS worthy of stopping, if you must have a killer Italian sandwich, is Gaetano's in Stratford, CT. I haven't been in a couple of years, but I keep hoping to have an excuse to get back there. Gaetano's has it ALL OVER Nardelli's.

        Off 95, you can get to Lenny & Joe's in Westbrook, CT for a scallop roll or lobster roll. Looks like this and the cole slaw is fantastic:

        And if you want to go a little farther afield, hit up Lobster Landing in Clinton, CT. I don't eat lobster, but my mom is a major lobster roll lover--her #1 fave is Lobster Landing, followed closely by Lenny & Joe's.

        Happy trails!

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          Awesome, thank you so much for those suggestions. I was looking to find a place with a great Italian sandwich, so I'm definitely excited about that.

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          Be aware that even if you just want one small pizza, if you're not one of the first group in the door after the store opens, your pizza at Pepe's in New Haven is likely to mean a 2-hour stop (an hour waiting for a table, then most of an hour waiting for your pizza). Schedule accordingly!

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          why does it concern you how many times they eat in a day and how long they take in between stops? Not a very friendly post to a new community member...............

        4. Welcome to chowhound, I don't have any spots to recommend atm, but it sounds like a fun trip. Take your time and make as many spots as your heart may desire! Good luck and remember to pace your eating!!

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            Thanks for the 2 above posts brotha, I appreciate it. Ya I'm definitely gonna have to remember to pace myself, its my cheat weekend for my summer diet, so I gotta make sure I keep it in control a little bit haha

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              Although NYC is famous for its hot dogs, you may want to make a stop at Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield (CT). Great franks, it's right off the highway (I-95), and you can definitely get them "to go." They've been profiled several times on TV, probably most famously on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." Incidentally, they're a stone's throw away from the Fairfield Pepe's.

          2. Justin, if your planning to hit New Haven for pizza, sometimes there's a wait, try going during the week, not Mondays , Lou's burgers are downtown , whatever you do, don't ask them for ketchup! Have fun. Lou's lunch, they're on crown street, in the area of Yale University!

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              I've actually seen that place on tv. It looks pretty cool, might have to stop in, thanks for the suggestion!

            2. Suggest you stop for lunch at Matunuk Oyster is just wonderful and for me, as a native and in R.I. all the time Rhode Islander (live in The Berkshires), it is what Rhode Island summers are all about...

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                Hey, I actually lived in Narragansett, but never made it over there but always wanted to. Thanks for the suggestion

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                  When you have a moment, check their will give you an idea of what a good menu they have...

              2. In CT bordering where you live, Stonington, Mystic and Noank have nice roadside clam and lobster shacks that you can take away to your car, and downtown Mystic has Mystic PIzza (Julia Roberts movie) and a couple of ice cream shops. If anything, it's worth a pit stop to just walk around downtown Mystic.

                In either Rye or Mamaroneck, NY there's a weird hot dog place called Walters. I got lost once trying to find the highway and drove by this place twice. The building is in the shape of a Chinese pagoda which caught my attention. I didn't stop but had to look it up online when I got home. :) It's a historic landmark due to it's architecture.

                For NYC Pizza, there's an Artichoke Basille right below the Highline. If you walk the Highline first, you can see Artichoke from the small stadium seating area (as well as a long shot view of
                10th Ave).

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                1. re: mushroomaffairs

                  Walter's is in Mamaroneck on Palmer, directly behind the high school. It is an institution!