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May 26, 2012 05:49 PM

Healthy not over the top expensive (Vero Beach)

Hi! We're headed to Vero Beach in late July with two young teenaged girls. We eat pretty healthy, and don't want to go 4-star, but still would like to have a taste of fresh seafood, good veggies, and avoid the tourist traps. Any ideas would be appreciated - thanks!

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  1. One year later and still no replies. My wife and I are headed to Vero next month and curious if you guys found anything worth scouting out. Right now I'm stumped!

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      Vero Beach is a bit of a restaurant wasteland. There are lots of restaurants, and there are some fine restaurants. But most are mostly mediocre. For a resident, easy to avoid. For a visitor, not so easy.

      The Tides, Avanzare, Osceola Bistro, Blue Star Wine Bar, Winz wine bar are some of my favorites. Bijoux and the new Patio are reputed to be good, but I haven't been there. I personally don't care for the food or attitude at Citrus Grillhouse, and the Ocean Grill is so 1950's, and the dark interior just seems so..."unclean".

      Captain Butcher's Seafood Grill and Bar in Sebastian is nice, with fresh fish, a good variety, and a nice location on the lagoon. But fresh seafood is not inexpensive.

      All the restaurants I've mentioned are not inexpensive. My experience is that inexpensive restaurants in Vero (and many expensive restaurants) serve Sysco cuisine and are therefore far worse than what an able cook can make at home. And Vero, being very much a seasonal town, depends on the bulk of its revenue from winter season tourists. So prices tend to be high, even for that mediocre food.

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        The correct spelling of two restaurants I mentioned: it's Vinz, not winz, Wine bar. It's Bijou, not bijoux.

      2. re: rwalley211

        If you wish to skip the pretension, perhaps consider Joey's Seafood, Mimmo's Scampi Grill, and Siam Orchid.