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May 26, 2012 05:32 PM

Looking for good spot for birthday dinner near Belfast Maine

My family and I are renting a cottage in July about 15 minutes from Belfast, Maine and while we're there it will be my wife's birthday. We'd like to go out for dinner that evening somewhere within a half hour drive ( if possible !) and are looking for suggestions of a charming spot with good food.

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  1. I forgot to mention our party is comprised of 4 adults and 2 teenagers (who are fairly adventurous eaters ).

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      I would suggest, the Lost Kitchen...right on main street. Local food, expertly prepared.

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        Thanks for the recommendation, my only concern is that I think I read somewhere that they don't take reservations, which might be a problem, especially if it's a busy spot ( my wife's birthday falls on the Friday night )

    2. We love Darby's - great little restaurant, open year round, not a real touristy place, always fresh ingredients. Like the original room on the right versus the room on the left for some reason (overflow room on left feels kind of well, like an overflow room). Have been bringing our teens there since they were 5 years old and they still like it. And they like to take a stroll around the corner after lunch/dinner to check out the specialty soaps in the garden shop, and the Earth-friendly store (and the candy store and the cooking shop and Coyote Moon clothing shop - I'm talking about girl teens here!)

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        and teenage girls it is ! Thanks for the recommendation !

      2. Absolutely go to the Lost Kitchen--it's the best and only dining of its kind in Belfast. Erin is an amazing chef and a terrific person to boot.

        1. Get some ice cream from John's Handmade out on Route 3 in Liberty!