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May 26, 2012 04:19 PM

Special Occasion Restaurant in Philadelphia

I am looking for a special occasion restaurant to have dinner to celebrate my Mother's 80th Birthday, The type of cuisine doesn't matter. Definitely need a restaurant that is not noisy as my Father is hard of hearing and really can't make conversation if there's a lot of background noise. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. We had mom's 80th at the William Penn Inn. They gave us a private room with dedicated servers. The food was solid, but predictable. The wine service was good. The room was quiet. The staff waited until we were ready to leave. The cake was delicious.

    1. Gaffk is right on with the comments regarding the Wm Penn Inn. However I am not sure if boamy would consider Lower Gwynedd as in Philadelphia. Knowing what "in Philadelphia" means would help hounds in providing the recs. requested. In CC. the Fountain Room at the Four Seasons is always a sure thing.

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        The Fountain Room at the Four Seasons would be perfect.
        We have been at a few 80th birthday dinners there. The food and service can't be topped, the tables are spaced apart so that you can talk, and it is beautiful. What more could you want?

      2. Thanks for the suggestion! I have been to William Penn Inn before and it's a great idea but we are looking for someplace that's actually in the city.