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May 26, 2012 04:18 PM

maple creamy

Hi! I'm from the North Shore of Massachusetts but never heard of a maple creamy until a friend here in Los Angeles -- who is from Vermont -- told me about them. a maple soft serve ice cream? omg! I'm coming to Portland this summer and I was wondering if I can find a maple creamy somewhere. Anybody know? Thanks!!!

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's just a VT thing, you'll have to plan a fall foliage trip to VT I think!

    1. Maple soft serve ice cream isn't really difficult to find in Maine. I just sat out in the fog and ate a cone of it two nights ago. Many ice cream shops, as well as some farmers who vend at farmers' markets, sell it. If you mean something else by "maple creamy", such as maple syrup poured over vanilla soft serve, that may be more specifically regional.

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        good news! i love maple-walnut ice cream and perhaps I will find some maple softserve this summer. Thanks!

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          I'm sure the maple soft serve you had was lovely, and I've had wonderful ice creams in Maine, but... :)

          First, it's creemee or creamee, not creamy. ;) Second, the Vermont version is really unique. It's not really "soft serve maple ice cream" (hence the odd spelling). It's a different treat from ice cream.

          There are creemee stands all over Vermont, and you find them in the most unlikely places. Often just sitting on the side of the road between towns at someone's farm. Everyone has their favorite stand (and it's not always the one closest to them). :) In the last two years there has been some forays into the production of local milk creemee mixes that seem to be taking off, but I can't find a list of the stands that use it yet. I think they're still working on getting the mix right.

          From my experience (I have not driven around the state on a creemee odyssy but that might make a nice "staycation" some summer), my favorite all around creemees can be gotten at Dairy Creme just outside of Montpelier on Route 2 heading towards Waterbury. It's a drive up stand with lots of frozen desserts and your typical snack bar array of grilled items. If you are anywhere near the area from about the end of April through about the end of October (it varies with the weather, they have a website that announces then they're closing at least two weeks in advance of doing so), then they are totally worth stopping for a creemee. Be CAREful about the size you get, these buggers are HUGE.

          As for real maple creemees, I have to say the best I have ever had are gotten only at the Tunbridge World's Fair. But if you're not here during that week in September, then I'd look for a maple sugar shack that also sells creemees to get a real, good, maple creemee. If you're visiting a specific area you can ask here and the locals from that area will likely chime in about which shacks have great maple creemees. :)

          Wonder if I could get a grant studying the creemee....

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            wow! i think you could study the creemee! :>

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              I was born in NH technically, but grew up in VT, so glad to see you made the creemee correction! One can find them all over ME, NH, VT now, but often creemee stands have different flavors each day or every few days until they run out of that flavor. So it's often hit or miss to find the flavor you want.

          2. I have to avert my gaze from the maple creamee stand on the road just before the turn-off to my brother's home in Ludlow, near Okemo Mtn. Love that stuff!

            1. The original comment has been removed