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May 26, 2012 03:08 PM

El Cabrito - Annapolis

Last Sunday afternoon, I was leaving My Butcher and More, and noticed a taco shop across the street in the parking lot of a hispanic market and Friendly's. I tried a carne asada taco, and was amazed to discover that it was comparable in quality to what I can get back home in Southern California! Light, tender meat with a slight char around the edges, no gristle, and not overly dry. The corn tortillas were just big enough to soak up the grease, but not big enough to overpower the rest of the taco. Best of all, they had a green sauce that had some serious heat. (Price is ridiculous, though, at 2.50 per taco.)

Unfortunately, the guy at the window didn't speak great English, and my Spanish isn't good enough for such key phrases as, "When will you be back?", so I haven't been able to find them again. Can anyone tell me the regular hours/location of this truck, or did I find a unicorn?

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  1. They are there regularly- I don't know the exact hours, but my husband picks up tacos there in the evenings a lot during the week.

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      Yep, pretty much always there. Glad someone posted about them though. I've been wondering.

      The taco joint in the strip mall by Muddy Paws is also a very authentic spot. The weekday lunchtime guys has excellent english. Prices are probably comparable. Great selection though, hard to find good tripa and lengua in Annapolis.

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        Taqueria Juquilita, in case anyone wants to google it. And thanks for verifying that the truck is still there! I have to go again and get one of everything.

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          The taco truck wasn't there at lunch today (Saturday) so we went on to Juquilita and enjoyed some tasty tacos. It is a counter order place, with a white board menu. No air conditioning today but a fan, and no English translations, but not hard to figure out most of the menu. They have the the usual tacos: asada, pollo, pastor, lengua, tripe,carnitas, barbacoa, chorizo, pesado, camarones and one other I don't remember. We had the pastor, lengua, carnitas and barbacoa. All were simple and tasty and I liked the lengua and barbacoa the best. $14 included two lime sodas from the refrigerator, and tax. They came with a sprinkle of cilantro and minced onion on top and sliced radish and lime on the side, and small containers of mild and hot sauces. Not bad for a quick snack or lunch. They also had some soups (including tripe soup - mondongo) and platters that looked well done based on what I could see at the next table. The platters were quesedillas, enchiladas, carne asada, flautas, pollo asado, bisteses a la Mexicana, mole poblano, guisado de puerco, chiles rellenos, carne-enchilada, fajita and barbacoa. There were also a number of shrimp dishes listed: camarones a la diabla, camarones al ajillo, tostada de ceviche, coctel de camarones, camarones a la mexicana, and camarones empanisados