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May 26, 2012 01:47 PM

Jane's Ice Cream at the Kingston Farmer's Market

Well, the title may be a little was Jane's sister that was selling the ice cream And sorbet. You can get it in pints, scoops and on a stick (aka popsicles). If you really want to go over the edge, have the scoop or popsicle dipped in dark chocolate and chocolate chips. I had a combination of raspberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream on a stock--I can still taste it.

Also at the market was the Lazy Crazy Acres Farmstead Creamery from Arkville. They advertise themselves as making "cow to cone gelato". (They have their own herd of cows.) I tried their vanilla and whereas I'm not as familiar with gelato, I can honestly say that it was incredible.

Both Jane's and Lazy Crazy are new to this market. I hope they succeed since the hours are 9AM to 2PM. The hours at the Woodstock Market is more conducive to frozen deserts (3PM to 7PM on Wednesdays.)

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  1. Hi
    Jane's is my favorite and it's found all around the Woodstock-Saugerties area too. Try the Coconut Almond-just wonderful.
    I haven't been to Arkville in a while but I might need to make a trip. Thanks for the tip.