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May 26, 2012 01:25 PM

Buying fresh veal in St Louis MO

I live in St Louis but have never tried buying fresh vealfor cooking? Does anyone know where I could get some?

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  1. mrsmoogers, can you give us your definition of 'fresh?' Do you mean veal that has not been frozen? Or do you mean fresh as in 'killed it yesterday with my own two hands?' Lots of grocery stores carry veal chops, steaks, shanks, etc. Frozen sometimes, but not always. I've seen the biggest variety of cuts at Global Foods in Kirkwood(although they don't tend to have all cuts at all times, it varies) , which is a sister store to Jay International on Grand.

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      LOL! I mean not frozen. But not have traveled great distances only to sit in the meat case for too long.
      Thanks for the suggestion of Global Foods. I have really never looked at their meats but I shall. I have not found any at Schnucks which is close by and where I usually shop.

    2. I live in St. Louis also - would suggest Straub's or Whole Foods. Or maybe Baumann's on Manchester just west of Brentwood.

      1. Schnucks at Ladue Crossing, I-170 at Ladue Rd., often has it.

        1. Wow. Thanks tonifi, Maggie V, and lemons. With so many Italian Restaurants here, they must get their veal from somewhere. These are all great suggestions and I shall scope them out. The Schnucks in South County is where I shop usually. They often do not have things I want. Last time they were out of avacado and when they came in they were all small and really over ripe. I will check out other locations. Again, thanks for the suggestions.

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            I recall the Dierbergs near St. Anthony's never having lamb, but that was a good while back. I think eventually the Bosnian folks may at least bring lamb in to the stores, but veal has always been more or less something you just got at restaurants here.

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              Wow, thanks Mars. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you but my new computer threw me out and would not accept my admin password as valid. Had to restore the entire windws 7. No more passwords for this Admin.

              Next time I will have to check out Kenricks. I finally ended up at Dierberg's on Tesson. It cost an arm and a leg and tell the truth, it was just so so. Certainly not scallopini. I guess I just have an aversion to how they raise and obtain veal. Oh well, I tried it and was not that impressed.