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May 26, 2012 01:11 PM

Maggie Spillane's - New Best Place to Watch a Game?

Went out for the Rangers/Devils game last night at Maggie's in Fleetwood. Sat at the bar outside on the roof. Two big TVs at the bar. Another huge outdoor TV on the side near the side street and a projection TV on the side facing Grammattan. Have to say, it was a beautiful setting and night for a game. Good service, nice looking women (and men) and a very laid back, comfy vibe.

I have only been there two other times and watch games downstairs at the bar. A little cramped, but an energetic sports crowd. Haven't eaten there yet, so can't comment on the food.

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  1. I've got to agree and say that Maggie's is my fav place to watch a game while enjoying a beer and a burger. Two Sundays ago we sat on the rooftop on a beautiful sunny day while watching a Euro 2012 match. Real nice vibe, the Irish Bacon Burger was nice and the Heineken was nice and cold.

    It's also a nice place to catch a Yankees day game during the week and take advantage of their $10 lunch specials (served til 3pm) with a draft beer included with the price.

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      I really like the fish tacos. The wings are pretty good too.

    2. I've been to Maggie's quite a bit and, due to having reasonable expectations, had not been less than satisfied with the food until the lunch I had there today.

      The place was very crowded due to a baptismal party there but our party was able to grab one of the booths.

      Nachos appetizer: chips soggy, unrecognizable slop on top and the dish was cool temperature wise. I has the "Rowdy Reuben Burger" for lunch and the obviously frozen patty must have been in the freezer for ages. Taste was bleh and hard to explain but visually the patty just did not look much like a burger should. Best part of the lunch was the fries.

      I'll give them a pass and assume that the kitchen was putting out buffet tray after buffet tray (no excuse) but I hope things return to what I consider normal the next time I visit.

      1. On the flipside, its a terrible place to eat during a game if you're not a sports fan. We took some friends there on a Saturday evening and some college football game was on. The TV audio was way too loud, including commercials, and the crowd was mostly male and kind of rough in a frathouse way. A suggestion to turn the sound down was met with a "it's what everyone else wants" shrug. Next time we'll check the TV guide before heading there. At least the Bayou is right across the street.