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a little help for watermelon

my out of season watermelon (sample in store was great) is lacking sweetness and flavor. Any tricks/tips for for a simple fix?

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  1. adding a little salt can help....
    but it's hard to do much when the taste of it is not good....

    1. Get it ice cold, spend all day peering through dense wood smoke at ribs or pork shoulder while drinking many beers. Sit in the back yard and eat watermelon for dessert.

      1. Life is too short for that. Take it back to the store and see if you have better luck the second time. Even if you have to buy a second watermelon...do it..... but complain.

        1. Do you know what to look for in a ripe watermelon?

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            I need help with this. What do I look for

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              Press on the end where the melon has been detached from the stem. There should be some give there-if it's rock hard, pass.

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              Look for a yellow spot, which marks where the melon has been lying on the ground to ripen. Uniformly colored melons are pretty, but picked too soon.

              And I vote for the various agua fresca ideas.

            3. This is why it's a good idea to wait until it's in season.

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                They are in season in some parts of the country.

              2. Puree it with sugar and lime and make popsicles.

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                  or cube and toss it in a salad with feta and fresh mint (or basil), and just add a little honey to the vinaigrette.

                2. Darn, we've been craving our watermelon lately. I actually don't care about the other kinds of melon. I bought a small, round one today. I look for the most yellow spot on the part that has not been in the sun. Yellowest is the ripest.

                  1. Gin. Cut it into whatever size cubes you deem manageable, and then give it a good splash of gin. No too drippy, just enough that the gin gets on the melon. Then cover it and put it in the fridge for a couple hours. When you come back to try it, the flavor will have transformed, it won't taste like gin, just like amazing melon. Works with the green and orange melons too.

                    1. Watermelon margarita's are always great- even with slightly under-flavored watermelon :0)

                      1. * I read somewhere that you can inject vodka into watermelon. Have never tried it. I guess you would use what my children when they were little used to call a shotter (the thing the doctor gives shots with).

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                          LOL. Well, if you blend the watermelon, strain it though mesh, then add sugar, triple sec, lime and tequila.... you don't give a crap about it "lacking sweetness and flavor".... ummmm... at least...that is what I heard..... :)