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May 26, 2012 12:05 PM

Cooper's Barbecue in Llano

We were in the neighborhood yesterday about lunch time, so decided to try Cooper's again. Mueller's in Taylor is our favorite, but Cooper's was not bad. The brisket was excellent. Good smoke, tender. Both the regular and the jalapeƱo sausage were just grocery store quality. In addition to those we took some chicken and pork chops for last night. Both were good. Pork chop was the best I've had from Cooper's in a good while. Very moist, tender and great smoke flavor. Sides (pinto beans, cole slaw and potato salad) were just OK. The only thing Cooper's has that is better than Mueller's is the peach cobbler. That stuff is great. We won't hesitate to stop there again if we are in the area.

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  1. I gain five pounds every time I drive through Llano. Then five more the next day from the leftovers.

    1. Cooper's is legit! I love the big chop but everything there is pretty good. I also was not blown away by the sausage - but everything else I've tried there has been at least solid. I stil haven't made it out to Taylor - Black's in Lockhart is my favorite out of what I've tried so far. Definitely gonna make it out to Taylor this summer.