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May 26, 2012 10:16 AM

Champps Americana Ranch Dressing

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows the kind of Ranch dressing they use in Champps Americana restaurants ?

I'm not sure if this is a dry mix they buy and then make themselves, if they make it from scratch, or if it's simply something they get straight out of a bottle. I really enjoy the dressing and was hoping to recreate it at home.

Thanks !

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  1. hi GRN

    I just called the Littleton Colorado Chammps for you. I spoke with Ryan the manager there.
    He went back to the kitchen to check the label on the bottle as he said they get it from the supply food truck service they use. Sorry to tell you this but it's Hidden Valley. I asked if its a particular flavor as you know HV Ranch comes in a few flavors like bacon, lite, chipotle etc. he said no its just the original HV Ranch flavor.

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      Thanks for the info ! Much appreciated.

    2. This is good info. It is important to note that the foodservice mix is different from the one they sell in supermarkets.

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        Do you think that mix is the same one that they sell in the Salad Dressing aisle ? It's a packet that they have you mix buttermilk and mayo to I think.

        1. re: GRNichol

          No, that was my point. It's similar, but not the same. But if you buy in the supermarket, do make sure you buy the one that requires buttermilk, not plain milk. And the one in the bottle, premixed, is even more different, as it has a lot of gunk in it to make it shelf stable.

          I suppose for simplicity's sake you could try a small bottle of the premixed and also a packet of each type and see which one tastes the best to you. Based on Divo's post it sounds like it's possible the restaurant is getting premixed in a bottle so maybe it is the same stuff as in the markets, or maybe it's a special refrigerated blend for foodservice use.

          If you want to try the mixes but don't normally keep buttermilk in the house, you can just mix sour cream and milk to simulate buttermilk. I use a 50-50 blend and it works great.

          Edit: Based on the Clorox (yes, that's the parent company) foodservice website, it looks like they don't make a refrigerated version and the shelf-stable bottled version is the same no matter where you get it; only the size of the bottle varies.

        2. re: acgold7

          Ryan said its the exact 'bottle' as is sold in the market, it's not a mix.

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              just trying to be helpful acgold, I conveyed what I was told.

        3. Hope this doesn't sound to lowbrow, but I found a great packaged brand from Save a lot. It is Markum brand and it is a great inexpensive generic version of Hidden Valley dressing seasoning packet mix. It is on the isle near the gravy mixes and taco seasoning. In a blue package. Good luck.