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May 26, 2012 08:31 AM

Rhubarb sorbet amazingness

My rhubarb is out of control so I've been looking for ways to use it. The other day I made this rhubarb sorbet and it's one of the best things I've ever eaten. Made exactly according to the recipe, it's creamy (without dairy) and doesn't become crystally even when completely frozen. Absolutely perfect. Might be even more perfect served with a strawberry puree but really doesn't need it. I picked the most red coloured stalks for this so the sorbet was a dusty pink - but I'm sure it would have been just as delicious if it were green.

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  1. Nyleve, after having the most amazing rhubarb sorbet at Nota Bene in Toronto this week, I decided to search for a rhubarb sorbet recipe on the Home Cooking board and found your post. The sorbet at Nota Bene sounds exactly like the one you describe making.

    Looking forward to trying out the recipe.

    1. Had rhubarb sorbet at the Brooklyn flea last year and I just didn't get it.

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        I'd had a meh rhubarb gelato at another restaurant a couple years ago, so I wasn't expecting much from the rhubarb sorbet, but the version I had 2 nights ago was the best fruit sorbet I've had outside France. I probably wouldn't write off all rhubarb sorbets after one try unless I disliked like the flavour of rhubarb and/or the idea of rhubarb in a frozen dessert.

        Of course, YMMV. A lot of people people don't get/don't do/detest rhubarb, and others mostly want their rhubarb in pies and crisps!

      2. Looks delicious. Thanks for the link.

        1. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. I've been thinking about making it again as my rhubarb is ready to go. Funny - I actually ad your post about the sorbet you had at Nota Bene and almost replied with this link. Glad you found it - you will be very happy.

          I think the meh-ness of the usual rhubarb ice cream is because there just isn't enough rhubarb present to balance the cream so just comes off as kinda sour ish bits in an otherwise perfect dessert.