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May 26, 2012 08:03 AM

Brass Trays For Serving??


Is it safe to serve room temp food on brass trays? Some of the dishes will contain lemon juice or vinegar while others will have mayo/aioli or olive oil. Some of the dishes are:

A. Salumi platter with a sprinkling of olive oil and some parsley.
B. Tomato and mozzarella platter with olive oil dressing or pesto dressing.
C. Artichoke hearts with lemon juice and olive oil.
D. Cannelini bean, tuna and tomato salad with vinegar and oil.

Thank you for your help.

  1. <Is it safe to serve room temp food on brass trays?>

    The answer depends what you mean by “safe”. Both copper and zinc can leach out of the brass serve trays. The longer the foods stay in contact with the brass, the greater the leaching. Both copper and zinc can be acute and chronic toxic at high concentrations. It is unlikely that a healthy normal adult would get severely sick from eating foods served on a brass serving trays infrequently, especially if the foods only stay on the tray for a short duration. However, it is not something I can recommend on a regularly basis. Currently, FDA warns against using brass for cookware.

    For health related issues like this, it is usually better to err on the side of safety. You just don’t know when you may one day accidentally put the foods there a bit too long or that one of your guests is particularly sensitive to copper or zinc.

    If you ask me is it safe to smoke a cigarette once a year, then the answer is yes, probably. At the same time, if you simply ask me is it a good idea to smoke cigarette, then I would say no even if you are doing so once a year.

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