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May 26, 2012 07:51 AM

Suggestions for Swedish Rum Cake substitution

I want to make the above titled cake for some friends, recipe here: (although I got it from Nordicware Bundt Cake Book). I don't have any rum extract and only have one of those tiny bottles of rum you get from flight attendants--it's probably not even the 1/3 cup the glaze calls for. (My book calls for 1/3 cup each of rum and water for the glaze, not the 2/3 cup the online recipe shows.)

Think I can still make this cake by using some other extract in the cake and making this small amount of rum do for the glaze? I've got almond extract, vanilla, and orange. Also have some lemons. But I'm not creative nor much of a baker, so I want advice before I try this.

I could make a chocolate cake that has always been a hit (Hershey's perfectly chocolate chocolate cake), but I kind of wanted a light-colored cake this time around--to show off my Cathedral bundt pan. Or should I stick with the known recipe?

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  1. Put the rum in the cake and make a lemon glaze? Or supplement the remaining liquid with lemon juice?

    1. You can sub the rum extract with other extracts (e.g. almond) and it will be fine -- it just won't by as "rum-ilicious" as originally contemplated in the recipe.