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May 26, 2012 12:47 AM

amsterdam best restaurants

hello all,
im traveling to amsterdam after more than a couple of years
and was wondering if i can get some recommendations, for best restaurants, (high end, cool concepts, plain and simple the best places)
and also places to eat that we should not miss and markets

thanks all

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  1. Must go's in Amsterdam;

    The Harbour Club
    Wilde Zwijnen
    Restaurant As

    1. Just had an incredible meal at Pianeta Terra, off the Singel on Beulingstraat. Amazing Italian food made by real Italians-- everything just outstanding and delish. It is also a slow-food establishment, and everything is entirely organic, which is a huge ethical and health bonus. I"d rather not pollute the world in order to please my palate.

      I had a goat-cheese ravioli with red pepper sauce, husband had a summer truffle risotto and a game hen that was OUT OF THIS WORLD. His favorite part was the tartare, however. The cherry parfait was a frozen delight with orange creme. Service was friendly, competent, and made us feel perfectly at home, even though we brought our 3 year old daughter. Go and buon appetito!

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        Can I ask where you stayed in Amsterdam? We will be there for three nights in May, and know nothing about the city. Any hotel recommendation would be most helpful.

        1. re: bauskern

          NH City Centre on Spuistraat is great and super-centrally located. It's our go-to hotel in town.

          1. re: linguafood

            Thank you. Went to their site, and it looked like rooms were about E150 per night? Was that your experience?

            1. re: bauskern

              Depending on what time of the year, that sounds about right.

              We got lucky one March or April a few years ago when rates were as low as 120, but 150 is pretty average.