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Pizza with egg topping?

Dear Chowhounds,

It is time again for me to host my reading group brunch and I had a vision today of making a breakfast pizza. I was thinking of a layer of caramelized onions and fennel, some burrata, and a whole egg (sunny side up style) on each 1/8 of the dough.

Have any of you ever actually made anything like this? Will the egg work?

The pizza will have to be vegetarian.


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  1. Mighty bold of you to put burrata on a pizza. I love that stuff by itself too much to put on a pizza.

    Are you going to cook the egg to sunny side up then place it on the pizza and cook it along with the pizza?

    1. I believe someone on the NJ Board says he always has a soft spot for a fried/whole egg on Neapolitan Style Pizza....and orders it whenever he sees it on a menu.

      1. I frequented a pizza place during my summer in italy that cracked a raw egg into the center of their quattro stagione pizza before putting it in the oven. The white mostly got cooked by the time the pizza was done, but the yolk stayed runny. However, since you are planning to put an egg on each slice, I would cook them to set the whites first, or you'll have a big liquid mess on your hands. I would also not use burrata-the last thing you need with this type of pizza is more liquid. Go with traditional mozzarella, or fontina might be nice.

        1. they crack one egg in the middle of pizzas in Europe all the time -- the second they come out of the oven, so the white cooks, but the yolk runs.

          I think 8 eggs on one pizza is going to give you a weird eggy top layer -- I'd either see if you could find quail eggs -- or even make individual pies.

          1. yes it'll work. haven't made it myself but i have eaten it in Chile (pic: http://bonvivant.shutterfly.com/pictu...).

            1. Just crack an egg on the pizza the moment you take it out of the oven, then let it set (or sit) for a few minutes before serving.

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                Hmm...do you let it sit til it sets, or does it set while it sits?

                --sincerely, grammar nerd

              2. I have made pizze (plural Italian), but never with an egg on one. If you wish to server it with an egg on each piece, it made be prudent to roll out the dough to be rectangular to be sliced into squares. My late mother-in-law baked rectangular pizze. It may also be easier to fry the eggs on a cooktop instead of putting them on a pizza as it bakes. Fry the eggs so that they can be added to the pizza just before it is ready to come out of the oven to let the eggs cook to the doneness you desire.

                In bocca al lupo e mangia bene (if you need translation it is 'Good luck and eat well.')

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                  Excuse the typos...'it may be prudent...' Sometimes my feeble brain outruns my fingers.

                2. In our house we make breakfast pizza all the time. But I don't like runny yolks so we make them with scrambled eggs. Here is what we do
                  Warm a flour tortilla. Two people share a large one or one small one per person. Cover with warmed salsa, freshly cooked hash browns (we prefer the cubed kind), [we add cooked chorizo, bacon, andouille or ham, but that's not for your application] and scrambled eggs. Sprinkle heavily with your favorite cheese(s) and stick under the broiler until cheese melts. You can of course add other veggies. We often add sliced green onions and sometimes put chopped cilantro on top, Some spinach would work, too.

                  I first did this when we were staying in a condo in Mexico and now we do it at least once a week at home.

                  1. I make them all the time. Although I can't give advice about time...I make mine in a wood fire oven, you could crank your regular oven as high as it will go. After the pizza is about 1/4 to 1/2 way done, crack the eggs over it, finish cooking and maybe turn the broiler on for a minute if the whites aren't done enough for you. It is a bit tricky to get the whites done and leave the yolks runny. It is better to use the broiler if needed to finish.

                    I use two large whole eggs per pizza. The yolk is runny and it spreads out far, so you don't want to use too many eggs.

                    Some additions/ combos (not all at once) that work for me with the egg are: truffle cheese or a bit of truffle oil, fontina cheese, fresh diced tomato after it comes out of the oven, finely chopped parsley, pesto for the sauce. I brush the crust with a little oil and sprinkle it with a bit of sea salt so I can take the crust and swipe the egg yolk sauce with it....better than licking the plate :)

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                      The oiled and salted crust was great. Thanks.

                    2. One of my favorite breakfasts is to re-heat a slice of pizza in EVOO in a frying pan, until the crust is again crispy, then put it under the broiler while I quickly fry an egg in the same pan with more oil. Pinch of red pepper flakes and I'm loving my morning.

                      1. You all are THE BEST. Loving this community.

                        I took the advice and made a small sample pizza with caramelized fennel and onions and strips of collards, fresh mozzarella, white truffle oil, and one egg poured on near the end. Really good.

                        Thank you everyone for the advice...not too much liquid, fewer eggs, using the broiler for last minute cooking of the whites.

                        The only challenge is that I gave away my great pizza peel to save space. Any other ideas for moving the dough onto the hot pizza stone?

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                          Turn a cookie sheet upside down and flour it well (cornmeal if you like that). Slide carefully with a spatula.

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                            Do you have a rimless cookie sheet? That will do.

                            I roll my dough out, transfer it to the sheet (with cornmeal underneath) move it with my fingertips to make sure it moves easily and does not stick. Then top it lightly, position it towards the end of a preheated pizza stone - and slide it on, while puling the sheet back. It works!

                            When it's done, I use tongs to grab it and slide it back on to the cookie sheet, for cutting.

                          2. The Spanish (Catalan) equivalent to pizza is called coca. It usually does not have cheese or tomato sauce. Caramelized onions and peppers is a popular coca topping.

                            When I hear 'egg on pizza' i think Japanese.