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May 25, 2012 10:30 PM

Pizza with egg topping?

Dear Chowhounds,

It is time again for me to host my reading group brunch and I had a vision today of making a breakfast pizza. I was thinking of a layer of caramelized onions and fennel, some burrata, and a whole egg (sunny side up style) on each 1/8 of the dough.

Have any of you ever actually made anything like this? Will the egg work?

The pizza will have to be vegetarian.


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  1. Mighty bold of you to put burrata on a pizza. I love that stuff by itself too much to put on a pizza.

    Are you going to cook the egg to sunny side up then place it on the pizza and cook it along with the pizza?

    1. I believe someone on the NJ Board says he always has a soft spot for a fried/whole egg on Neapolitan Style Pizza....and orders it whenever he sees it on a menu.

      1. I frequented a pizza place during my summer in italy that cracked a raw egg into the center of their quattro stagione pizza before putting it in the oven. The white mostly got cooked by the time the pizza was done, but the yolk stayed runny. However, since you are planning to put an egg on each slice, I would cook them to set the whites first, or you'll have a big liquid mess on your hands. I would also not use burrata-the last thing you need with this type of pizza is more liquid. Go with traditional mozzarella, or fontina might be nice.

        1. they crack one egg in the middle of pizzas in Europe all the time -- the second they come out of the oven, so the white cooks, but the yolk runs.

          I think 8 eggs on one pizza is going to give you a weird eggy top layer -- I'd either see if you could find quail eggs -- or even make individual pies.

          1. yes it'll work. haven't made it myself but i have eaten it in Chile (pic: