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May 25, 2012 06:34 PM

Boston to Sharon to Providence to New Haven

Looking for great seafood joints. I remember years ago you could get two lobsters at some seafood shacks -- does that still happen? How about lobster roll recommendations? We prefer non-chain joints. thanks.

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  1. The Sea Swirl on Rt. 1 in Mystic is pretty good. We mostly get the fried clam (whole belly). Maybe a notch below the Essex/Ipswich places but not a big notch.

    I see they have a lobster roll (never tried it) but they don't do whole lobsters. Mostly fried stuff.

    Outdoors only (picnic tables under a large tent).

    1. Jodie, don't know if you are staying in Boston a few days? or what time of day you are departing Boston, but the CH raved Neptune Oyster in the North End- has a pretty famous lobster roll. Some CHs have talked about getting lobster rolls to go at J Hook(seafood store) on the waterfront near So. Station. Island Creek Oyster Bar and Neptune Oyster are the 2 seafood spots most consistently raved on this board. I like both of them very much, though they are opposite experiences. Do a search and many threads will come up.

      Don't know when your trip is, but soft shell crabs are on a lot of menus here; they are quite a delicacy if you haven't had them before.
      This is a great spot for another part of your trip:

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        Thanks! OUr schedule has been a bit disorganized -- hence my asking on so many places. North End was great. thanks.

      2. Two options between Providence and New Haven:

        Captain Scott's Lobster Dock, an old school lobster roll and clam shack in New London, CT; and USS Chowder Pot, an old school -- and very kitschy -- seafood restaurant in Branford, CT.