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May 25, 2012 06:22 PM

Brazilian Restaurants

My teen aged son and I will be meeting relatives from Florida in the city for dinner. My brother-in-law seems keen on Brazilian but the reviews I've read are quite mixed. He's offered to treat but I don't want to overwhelm him with outrageous pricing. I'm happy with ala carte but the boys might want buffet. I'm happy for any recommendations. It will be a Tuesday night.

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  1. Talk him out of it. Seriously, of all the options in this magical eating city, he has chosen probably one of the weakest cuisines we have in Manhattan. There is a larger Brazilian community in Newark and thereabouts. (Look on NJ board.)

    There are two buffet options - all obscenely meat-heavy of course and expensive - Riodizio Tribeca and Churrascaria Plataforma in Hell's Kitchen/Midtown West.

    If he insists, here's a thread from 2011, highlighting a few places on the one small city block dubbed Little Brasil - W 46th Street.

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      Better in the US than in Brasil, at the moment.

      Prices are more expensive in Brasil than in Europe.

      The restaurants are set price, and some do not offer a buffet-only option. But the menu favours the carnivore with good quality meat offered. Just eat what you want.

      One can always say " Nao Mais, " turn the wood " salt shaker " from green to red, or simply raise up the stop hand and say " Obrigado. "

      1. re: SWISSAIRE

        Huh? What restaurant are you talking about? And what does Europe have to do with this post?

        I think they'll be fine speaking English in NYC, btw. And no, guests are not force fed.

        1. re: thegforceny

          To answer your question, I am in Switzerland.

          I do business in North America, and in Brasil. Churrascarias are a good location to take clients out for lunch or dinner in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami. Some first-time patrons can feel overwhelmed with the tonnage of food offered. Unlike some other restaurants, one can decline meat that is brought to the table.

          Good value for the price, better now in North America than in Brasil. A comparative Churrasco in Brasil is TWICE THE PRICE as in North America or even Europe at the moment.

          As to suggestions, Fogo de Chao, Porcao, and Greenfield are just two for starters. There are many, many more.

          1. re: SWISSAIRE

            The OP and Guests are in The US, your comments are irrelevant is my point. So what if they are half the price in Singapore right now, or 4 times the price in Kinshasa?

            This is the Manhattan board and the OP is looking for recs in Manhattan. There is no FdC; nor Porcao (it went out of business); Greenfield is in Corona, Queens. Thus, there are NOT in fact many, many, more for purposes of helping the poster. Here. In Manhattan.

            1. re: thegforceny

              My sincere apologies. Thank you for the update.

    2. Does anyone have any thoughts on Brasilina on 9th in the mid-50s? A foodie friend of mine had read good reviews and came into Manhattan to go there with me, but it turns out they're not open for lunch, and it was noon, so we went somewhere else.

      I was just wondering if that might be a viable option for the OP.

      1. if you realky want to keep an eye on the price and can skip the churrascaria try BEE DESERTS in the west vilkage. sit out back in the garden and enjoy yourselves.

        1. Berimbau, on Carmine Street in the West Village. No buffet but good, copious, moderately priced food, charming staff, and usually full of Brazilians watching football.

          1. Plataforma Tribeca or the one in the 40's I recommend. The SwissAir poster, did tell you "obrigado" that means thank you in Portuguese, so you can always say that. The Queens mention of Greenfield's, my comment there is , it was good 20 years ago, it has gone way way way downhill.