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May 25, 2012 03:49 PM

Plum or Wood Tavern?

Got a last minute babysitter and I have reservations at both, but need to pick one. From LA, haven't been to either. Which do you recommend? And any dishes you recommend?


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  1. They're pretty different, what mood are you in? Wood Tavern is comfort food done perfectly and fine-dining level of service but with the atmosphere of a friendly, laid-back neighborhood diner patronized mostly by regulars. The soup, pastas, pork dishes, and fish stew / soup are always great. Unfortunately the incredible pastrami sandwich is not on the dinner menu.

    Plum is Michelin-star-ish creative modern food in a minimalist unfancy casual environment. Seating could be more comfortable. I had the chilled pea soup and duck egg the other night, they were great and are still listed on the Web site today.

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      Thanks, I we love local, american, french. Based on what you said, Wood Tavern sounds probably like mroe our scene. Any other similar restaurant recommendations we might be missing? Or any specific dishes at Wood Tavern you recommend? I tried to do some research but the time is ticking away.

      1. re: CarlieInLA

        i like tavern's sea scallops - but, that's not on the spring menu. of the things on their menu right now (from their website) that i have tried and liked - lamb shanks.

        >>Any other similar restaurant recommendations we might be missing?

        maybe À Côté or hawker fare,

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          Robert left out that Plum is inexpensive, compared to any other restaurant serving similar food. For $14 or so, you can get a massively complicated 10 ingredient dish made with tweezers. That dish might also be a burger. The plum menu is compact, and sitting at the bar is a treat. Some people don't like the fussiness of the food - but if you like complexity, there's no other way to get such a great meal.

          "is there any other recommended restaurant" .... there's a whole bunch of places.

          Go to wood tavern. It'll be great.

      2. personally, Wood Tavern. Anything pork. Plum was very hit or miss, for us.

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        1. re: mariacarmen

          I say WoodvTavern- even if only for the Deviled eggs. Anyone know how to make them??

          1. re: jyomagnet

            No deviled eggs on the current lunch, interim, or dinner menus.

        2. We ended up at Wood Tavern and had a great meal. Cocktails were very good. We started with burrata and spring peas and butcher block which included the terrine (so good) and coppa, very delicious. I had the alaskan halibut which was perfectly cooked and light. Husband had the rock shrimp risotto which was very good although a tiny bit too lemony for me. The shrimp was cooked perfectly. Very good service, we sat at the bar. Would definitely go back. Thanks for the recs!

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          1. re: CarlieInLA

            glad you enjoyed and reported back! need to make a trip back there soon...

            1. re: CarlieInLA

              Lately I've enjoyed stopping by Wood Tavern later in the evening - perhaps after a film - and grabbing a seat at the bar and enjoying a drink with some yummy food. Very pleasant.

              1. re: CarlieInLA

                I had a couple of bites of that Gioia burrata dish. Perfectly fresh burrata, lots of barely cooked peas, puréed peas with a little mint, raw pea shoots, black pepper, and truffle oil, great combination. One of the best pea dishes I've ever had and a rare exception to my general view that the simpler the better is best for burrata.

                My house-smoked salmon and fresh rigatoni with lamb ragout were also great.