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May 25, 2012 03:16 PM

Bought preserved lemons, what would you use them for?

I got carried away at Kalustyan's today, as I am wont to do on every visit, and bought a jar of preserved lemons. I had had a quinoa salad that had them in there at a party (but didn't get the recipe. Natch.) I know it's heavily used in Moroccan cuisine. What do you do with your preserved lemons? Any recipes would also be appreciated.

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    1. In addition to tagines and other Moroccan dishes I use it in lots of places where I would use both salt and lemons- chicken dishes, salads, slivered and sprinkled over fish, sauteed with green beans (yum!) and in compound butters.

      They are extremely easy to make, too.

      1. It pairs well with any dark greens like kale or chard. Great finely chopped in a raw kale salad, or sautéed with chard or other greens (as mentioned above).

        We've used it in pasta dishes a time or two.

        1. We make them and use them all the time -- whenever a dish needs a little extra acid. Lately, I've been really noticing recipes and restaurants not quite getting that pitch-perfect hit of something a bit acidic (vinegar, lemon, lime, preserved lemon, etc.) that brighten and lighten dishes just before serving. More anon when I do my Seattle trip report....