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May 25, 2012 02:08 PM

union square

will be in town for a few days on business, will not have a car looking for great casual food, cost is not an issue

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  1. Get yourself a reservation at the bar at Canteen, easy walk from Union Square, great NorCal grub in a relaxed atmosphere. I consider it a wasted trip to SF that doesn't see me dining there.

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        BTW if you are looking at their website,, don't be put off by the menu setup. It does actually change weekly. The info on the opening page is useful in terms of prix fixe (Tues and Sat) vs a la carte (Wed, Thur, Fri).

        I've been particularly impressed with their handling of red meats over the years we've been going. I was once a bit disappointed with a halibut dish. Salads can be a tad overdressed. Veggie mains are always good and sometimes awesome. I think the vanilla souffle is a thing of beauty but I haven't been as thrilled with other desserts.

        Brunch which is only available Sundays is also very good here. I've especially enjoyed his sweet offerings which is saying a lot as I am a savoury brekky sort of elf, usually :-).

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          thanks so much, we are arriving early sat evening after a long cross country trip where would you suggest for easly lite good dinner for sat, thanks

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