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May 25, 2012 01:50 PM

D Bar Desserts

Opened yesterday in Hillcrest next to Snooze? Anyone stumble into it by any chance?

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    1. re: Rodzilla

      Hardly ever read a "review" with less information about the quality of the dishes/products. In addition, it is from a preview (food for free) which makes it even less relevant as free food tends to "produce" overly positive/biased blogger comments.

      1. re: honkman

        just trying to show the other places I had seen it mentioned.

        1. re: Rodzilla

          Not critizing you but the blogger who wrote the text.

    2. I went to their soft opening on Tuesday. They gave us a very limited menu (it was free/donations only that night). We tried the halibut, mac and cheese with lobster, and their "cake and shake." Savory dishes were ok, but I thought both dishes lacked flavor aside from the tomatoes on the halibut.

      The waitress told us the cake and shake is what made them famous in Denver.
      The chocolate cake was fine if unremarkable. The raspberry shake was downright gross.

      This was the soft opening, and they wouldn't let me order some of the more interesting items on their menu. Maybe they need to work out the kinks or their other dishes are a lot better, but I wasn't too impressed with what I had on my visit.

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      1. re: zom_b

        Thanks for the report. Any expansion on what made the shake gross?

        If this place were in the Gaslamp and populated by Ed Hardy shirts, pencil thin mustaches, and hipsters, would it be more appropriately to call it D Bag Desserts?

        1. re: RB Hound

          Funny you'd mention that, I joked to my wife that judging by the interior it should be called dbagbar.