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May 25, 2012 01:39 PM

Looking for interesting cheeses to try

I am an admitted cheeseaholic. I have tried various cheddars (from Australia, Ireland, UK, as well as cheddars from Vermont, Wisconsin and Oregon), swiss, emmenthaler (sp.), harvarti, jarlsberg, etc. Last week I bought some gjetost from Dean & Deluca....he recommended eating it with an apple (which turned out to be fantastic!) I also love this stilton with mango and ginger that they had.....may have been a gimmick but it was delicious. I also am addicted to Trader Joe's Wild Blueberry and Vanilla Chevre goat cheese. I would love more suggestions of cheese to try. What are some of your favorites? (And forgive my possible misspellings of some of the cheeses I mentioned).

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  1. I'm not a huge cheese person, but I swear, Cowgirl Creamery's Mt Tam is like crack.

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    1. Although I do enjoy most of the cheeses you mention, for the most part I'm not a fan of cheeses that incorporate fruit. Based on what you've said you like, have you ever tried "Gourmandise"? It's a rich creamy cheese sold by the wheel or more frequently by the wedge that comes in two flavors - walnut & kirsch (cherry). Both are very good.

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        Never tried Gourmandise, but I will put that on my list

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          I too am not a fan of cheese that incorporate fruit, or much of anything else. If I were you I'd go to either Dean & DeLuca or Whole Foods and ask the cheesemonger to put together a group of cheeses for a "beginner" like you. That could lead to either a selection of very different cheeses or a variety within a certain kind of cheese such as goat, blue etc. Have a few folks over and have your own tasting.

        2. I ran across this cheese at my local cheese shop. Prima Donna. It was like a parmesan, gouda mix. I almost ate the whole block myself. YUMMM!

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              Unie Kaas makes Parrano, which sounds like the Prima Donna mentioned above, sort of a parmesan/gouda mix. Great stuff, but even better is their Robusto, an older version of the same thing. Either are great by themselves, with apples, or on grilled cheese sandwiches.

              I'll echo smaki and say that for blue, it's hard to beat Societe, especially when you can get it for $10/lb at Trader Joes, rather than $28/lb at Whole Paycheck. Pick a piece that has lots of blue veining, as that's where the flavor is.

              While you're at TJ, try out their English cheddar with caramelized onions. Also, at TJ, Michelly is right about the Delice DeBourguignon -- it's a wonderful, very rich triple-cream.

              For cheddar, my vote is for the 4-year Black Diamond, if you can find it (Sam's Club, if you go there).

              As an aside, we really like cold Martinelli's sparkling apple juice as a complement to our room-temp cheese.

            2. There are too many great cheeses out there to list, so I'll confine myself to just a few. You like cheddar, so you might like aged Gouda from the Netherlands. Beemster makes several varieties. Since you like goat cheese, have you tried Humboldt Fog from California? Since you like swiss cheeses, you might try Hirtenkase from the Alpine region of Germany. Vermont Shepherd Sheep Milk Cheese, Rupert, and Bayley Hazen Blue are three interesting cheeses of this dairy state.
              Try searching this site for other cheese-related threads. There have been quite a few good ones.

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                Thanks for all the info.....I will check out some of those cheeses as well as the other boards.

              2. Being that you are a complete stranger, whose taste I know ZERO about, and you of mine. Nor do I know where you live and what would be available.

                Rather than listing MY favorites, how about you look at these two very good sites for some ideas?



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                  Thanks for the websites. I live in the Kansas City area and there are a couple of gourmet cheese stores here as well as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Dean & Deluca. But sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, thus the requests for other peoples favorites.