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May 25, 2012 01:10 PM

Flushing - Last Minute Planning

In a pinch with little time to do research. Myself and a group of ppl (7-8) are taking the train to Flushing to spend a day eating. We're all restaurant folks in the city, it's a holiday for us and we want to spend it eating great food & lots of it.

We're looking to make 4 stops to get the following (in no particular order).....

Dim Sum (traditional fare and lots of it)
Korean BBQ
Peking Duck (looking for the traditional meal)
Cantonese or Sichuan

We've discussed going to the food mall and getting a variety of goods as well.

Any help or input is appreciated!

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  1. You will probably have to walk a little, since the best places are blocks apart, but I hope that is OK, especially if the weather is good and you are planning to spend the whole day.
    The best Peking duck dinner is at Deyi Peking Duck House, 43-18 Main St, next to the botanical garden.
    Mapo BBQ is reputed for their galbi and other grill items: corner of 41st Ave and 149th Pl (not exactly Flushing, but close enough).
    If you search this board, you will find plenty of recommendations of good Sichuan and Cantonese restaurants. I would suggest Canton Gourmet, 38-08 Prince St.
    The best Sichuan place is actually in a food mall: Cheng Du Tian Fu (there is no English name) is the first stall on the left when you enter the lower level of the Golden Mall, 41-28 Main St; hope you you like your food hot and spicy.

    1. For Dim Sum, I would suggest Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant, on 39th Avenue, or Grand restaurant in the New World Mall. My preference for breakfast, however, would be XLB at Nanxiang Dumpling House (Prince Street, not far from train), or No. 1 East, right on Main St., which has XLB, other dumplings, and some wonderful breakfast items like hot soybean milk soup (salty or sweet), beef sandwiches, and pastries.

      For Korean, I would caution you that most of the best places are not really within walking distance of the train. But on Union St., which is walkable from Main St., is San Soo Kap San, which is excellent.

      For Peking Duck, the only place I'm aware of is Deyi Peking Duck House, on Main St., and they do their namesake dish very well. They can easily accomidate a group of 8.

      For Cantonese, other than the Dim Sum places, Imperial Palace on 37th Ave., is among the best. But, if I were making the trek to Flushing from Manhattan, I would skip Cantonese (even dim sum, as I said earlier) and focus on the stuff that isn't available outside of Flushing.

      For Sichuan, most walkable to the train, and fitting for a large group, is going to be Szechwan Gourmet on 37th Ave., or Spicy and Tasty on Prince St.

      Have you considered Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan? It's terrific. Also, have you considered Fu Run? It's amazing. If I were leading the group, I would ditch the Cantonese and Sichuan stops (since you can get both of these in Manhattan), and go for the Hunan and Dongbei food you cannot get in Manhattan, that I'm aware of.

      Here's a suggested Flushing itinerary:

      Breakfast at No. 1 East (try everything), or -- for XLB enthusiasts -- Nanxiang Dumpling House. Or, if Cantonese dim sum is your preference, Grand Restaurant in New World Mall. Walk around Main Street and recover your appetite.

      Lunch at Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan.

      Snacks at Biang! Or, for a less genteel experience, check out the Golden Mall Basement, and get some snacks from the vendors.

      Dinner at Fu Run.

      1. Peking Duck - Mulan has the best Peking duck in Flushing, it is better than Peking Duck Restaurant on Prince and Deyi on Main.

        Dim sum - Jade Asian has great variety, the carts come by frequently and the food is excellent

        Sichuan - Spicy Tasty will satisfy your craving for tongue tingling, make sure to request they "jia ma la".

        Cantonese - The best Cantonese restaurant in Flushing is now a restaurant that is not walking distance from the train, Lake Pavilion is STELLAR.

        Korean BBQ - San Soo Kap San has excellent special kalbi.

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        1. re: Pookipichu

          I would not send anyone to Mulan -- not good. The best Peking Duck is Deyi. Of course, this dish can vary, depending upon freshness and individual experiences. But, I would not trek to Flushing for Peking Duck, regardless.

          Lake Pavilion is certainly the new hot spot for Cantonese (and Dim Sum) among Chinese families, but I did not recommend it because it is probably two miles from the train, and the lines to get in will be prohibitive. Grand (in the New World Mall) is equally as current, and probably more accessible.

          Again, I press the OP to consider why they are traveling out to Flushing and whether they have hit upon the foods Flushing does best. I would urge them to consider what cuisines Flushing does best, and to rethink their itinerary!

          1. re: BTaylor

            Have you had the Peking duck at Mulan to compare? I have. The Peking duck at Deyi is far inferior and for you to proclaim it best without experience would be uncalled for. In fact, I would NOT recommend the duck at Deyi, as the skin, preparation and taste are so far below what you would get in China.

            Mulan is inconsistent but strangely ill-received. It is slightly more expensive than most Flushing restaurants and the ambiance more than slightly the best in Flushing. There are always those who think that Chinese food should be inexpensive and the decor should be shabby or tacky to be authentic and good which I find preposterous. The food at Mulan has been good to excellent but never bad based on what I've ordered. The quality of food goes down when there are parties as the kitchen duties are shared with the catering hall.

            That you would recommend Grand restaurant which has a more inconsistent kitchen than Mulan and tackier decor well we don't see eye to eye. Not that Grand is a bad restaurant but your aversion to Mulan in my mind becomes a matter of prejudice rather than food.

        2. Sad news: Deyi is no longer serving Peking Duck. I just came from there and the place was empty. We were told there was no Peking Duck because the oven was broken. When I inquired when it would be fixed, the waitress said maybe never. I asked if they were new owners and she said maybe there would be a change, which I took to mean yes. The spicy dumplings we ordered were no where near as spicy as they used to be, so I'm assuming the change has already taken place. Where to go now!?

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          1. re: Qdiner

            just what I feared about Deyi. That's why I asked a couple of weeks ago, but got no responses.

            1. re: swannee

              There is actually a new Peking Duck restaurant on the corner of Prince and 37th Ave (the same block as Nan Xiang Dumplings) . I haven't been there, but it might be worth checking out.

          2. Might be pretty late on this since i only just saw it now, but anyhow

            Dim sum: I go to Jade Asian, its the best in Flushing, but there are reports that Lake Pavilion is of similar quality (I haven't been so I can't comment, its also not walking distance from downtown Flushing)

            Korean BBQ: I'd go to Ham Ji Bach if I had to choose one spot, but its not super close, you could walk, but it will take you a little bit or you could take the LIRR to the murray hill stop

            Peking Duck: I dont know i haven't had a really good version although the cantonese version at corner 28 is reasonably tasty although i hear mixed things about their actual food

            Cantonese: imperial palace / east lake

            Sichuan: if I had to choose one it'd be little pepper, but unfortunately it's moved to college point and therefore is no longer walkable. I think Spicy & Tasty, Szechuan Gourmet or Chengdu Tianfu all reasonably good, so any of those should be fine

            Other: As other people said, there are other things in flushing you can try
            - sol hyang lee: here's one that I like alot, which i find to be quite good and not just a novelty (i find some of the other obscure chinese cuisines in flushing to be more of a novelty than something i crave although i'm admittedly biased toward southern chinese food
            )- nanxiang: i like nanxiang although not just for XLB

            that should be enough for now, if you want more post again and im happy to give more recs