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May 25, 2012 01:07 PM

Perspectives on Tyler Cowen's Post Article on "Getting a Good Meal in DC"

I'd be interested in hearing what other hounds think about Cowen's article, which I just found on the front page of the online version of the Washington Post. Here's the link:

I personally prefer almost invariably to the ethnic suburbs for many of my meals, but to my mind he focuses here too exclusively on high-end restaurants and leaves out the strong development in the middle range that we've seen in the city the last few years.

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  1. Agreed, he is focusing generally on downtown. In that context, I think he nailed it. And compared to his website's Dining Guide, he was downright PC. Fun article.

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      Fun article indeed. It got me thinking because he mentions Union Square Cafe which is a great restaurant and the proprietor, Danny Meyer, is a foodie hero of mine. In over two decades in the biz, he's had to close down only one restaurant. Place was named Tabla and they served Indian cuisine with a modern twist And I bring this up because I went to Rasika last night for the 3rd time and I still don't get it. Some dishes were great (palak chaat) but others left much to be desired especially for the price. Was the food a lot better when they first opened up? And although it hasn't been around for that long would Rasika fall under old standard? Is it because Rasika is the only place for Indian downtown?

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        There seems to be so much hype in DC about trendy places it's hard to cut through the fog. I have felt the same way about Rasika, one dish would blow me away, and another was so-so. At the price, Rasika remains an indulgence, and can easily be beaten by suburuban places on a pure food level, but certianly not atmosphere, though.

    2. I agree with his assessment of the restaurant lifecycle being accelerated. I've seen some trendy places open, rise, then shutter within 18 months. The comments were more interesting than the article, though. There are some ANGRY people out there.

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        The people who comment section on WaPo are brutal and vicious. I think the article is right on the money many trendy restaurants live off past accomplishments as the food qualify decreases we as consumers need to call them out on this forum.