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May 25, 2012 12:44 PM

Anyone experiences Compartir in Cadaqués?

A few weeks ago I read "ElBulli Chefs to Open a Restaurant, Compartir".

The website Gastroeconomy reports that the three chefs de cuisine of elBulli — Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casañas — will open an informal restaurant, Compartir, in the town of Cadaqués, Spain. The restaurant is about forty minutes from elBulli and is housed in a historic residence that boasts a terrace. It opens at the end of the month.

Anyone has been there, let me know, because I planned a short foodie trip to Girona-Barcelona.
These are the reserved restaurants.

6 juni / Six Star Day
11:20Barcelona to San Pol de Mar. 65km/45'
13:00 Sant Pau *** nr 65
After chilling at the beach?
17:30 to Hotel Palau de Bellavista in Girona 60km/40'
21:00 El Celler de Can Roca*** nr 2. 4km/10'
Night Plaça de la Independencia?
7 juni / El Bulli Day
10:00 to Cadaquès 80km/1u15'
Visit villa of Dali in Portlligat.
13:00 Compartir in Cadaquès ??????
16:00 to Hotel Ohla in Barcelona. 170km/2u15'
19:00 Tickets. 2km/20' tapas from Adria "El Bulli" brothers
8 juni / Barcelona Day
11:00 Breakfast at Tapa24
Then: Boqueria - Tapas - Beach - Monvínic winebar -..???
18:05 Barcelona - 20:10Brussels

So, any suggestions about this plan?
Thanks a lot.

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  1. This is a colossal amount of commuting for such a short trip. Hope you love commute more than and in lieu of travel.

    "11:00 Breakfast at Tapa24
    Then: Boqueria - Tapas - Beach - Monvínic winebar -..???"

    Boqueria is lcosed in the afternoon.

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    1. re: Parigi

      The Boqueria is not closed in the afternoon. Most of the bars are officially open until 4:00/16:00. I've had afternoon meals at both El Quim and Pinotxo several times. The menu gets more and more limited late in the day as things run out but they're usually serving until at least 3:00-ish in my experience.
      Afternoons are a bad time to shop at the markets because the produce,fish & meat stalls are all closed, as you said.

    2. Two 3-star Michelins in one day, a mad dash next day from Girona against the clock out on the fabulous (and tortuous) road to Cadaques/Compartir for lunch, back on the twisty road and up the motorway to BCN just in time to hit the rush hour traffic, Tickets in the evening, followed by a hispeed, action-packed day in BCN - sounds like a recipe for indigestion/exhaustion/gastronomic amnesia! Why not do 1/2 the programme, then fly down again from Brussels another time to do the rest at yr leisure, giving yourself time to savour the food/Girona/the Emporda countryside/the crazy sculpted egg on the roof of the Dali house/the bay at Cadaques/the tapas + Boqueria (or maybe Sta Catarina)/the beach in BCN?

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      1. re: Sue Style

        Thank you, Sue and Parigi, for your reply. I know it's a bit crazy. And you doesn't know everything. We, The Antwerp Foodies, we'll be there with 9! fits precisely in a minivan! We do every year such a 3-day foodie trip in Europe. Last year in Stockholm with Oaxen, Franzen/Lindeberg, matthias Dahlgren, in 2010 we were in Bilbao and San Seb with Guggenheim, Etxebarri, Akelare and Mugaritz. In 2009 we did Copenhagen: Noma, Geranium, MR and Mielcke & Hurtigkarl.
        Just to say we are experienced.
        But I am also a little bit worried about the traveling part. Not easy in a busy area like Barcelona.
        I warned my follow travelers we are not there to lallygag, to lounge,... We are there for business. Because I am a chef and restaurant owner with not unlimited leisure time. You understand better our tour de force?
        I post my report this time. For sure.

      2. Some immediate thoughts:
        1) the road to Cadaques goes across and around the mountain, and therefore is very slow going. Depending on traffic, construction, etc, it can take close to three hours to go from Cadaques to Barcelona.
        2) do you have reservations for Dali house in Portlligat? it's mandatory
        3) do you have reservations at Monvinic? again, this is mandatory- it is always FULL. (it's excellent, too).

        1. Had lunch at Comparitr last week. Excellent. Nothing 'molecular" as you might expect, but exquisitely prepared. Only slightly cooked razor clams were incredible, as were marinated anchovies with citrus--both starters to share. In fact, they encourage sharing. Ordered a whole oven-roasted loup de mer and it came to the table cut into three pieces. Also had "tempura" of gambas and vegetables with a light, fluffy aioli. Planning on returning for dinner in a couple of weeks with friends.

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          1. re: dpdapper

            Sounds great - looking forward to your update after another meal there - you'll have to give the menu a good going over!

            I've looked on their website, but there's not much info about the food/menus - what other dishes were on the menu and what are the prices like? It looks quite informal - is that the case? And do you think bookings are/will be essential?

            1. re: dpdapper

              Thanks to your post, we had lunch there a few weeks ago.

              My husband and I along with our 3 year old and another couple with their two kids had a great time. The setting was perfect for an early June lunch--al fresco dining with potted kumquat trees throughout. It was causal but elegant and friendly enough to accommodate 3 children (parents equipped with 2 ipads). Everybody got complimentary cocktails--even the kids (alcohol free, of course).

              I thought overall, the food was good but not spectacular. Ingredients were fresh and the menu was thoughtful (blending traditional Catalan dishes with Asian flavors) but some dishes were disappointing.

              Like the OP, we also ordered the razor clams, anchovies, oven-roasted loup de mer. We also ordered the endive salad with blue cheese mousse, "surf and turf" or "mar i montanya" which consisted of stewed chicken with shrimp and the seafood rice.

              I thought the anchovies and the deconstructed endive salad was noteworthy. The razor clams were perfectly cooked but I thought the miso-citrus glaze that they put on top was too sweet. The clams are sweet when fresh so there is no need to add a sauce that overpowers the natural sweetness.

              The fish dish was good because the fish was fresh. It was cooked in an Asian inspired style with shittake mushrooms and some type of soy-based sauce. While delicious, I thought something was missing...perhaps more sauce or more intense sauce? I thought they were trying to balance the Catalan preferences for grilled fish with very minimal spices with Chinese/Japanese influences that would have been more bold. Something was missing.

              The rice and mar i montanya were both well cooked and tasty but I felt that they were standard and not inspired.

              We also order 4 gazpachos which I did not try but people were raving about them.

              We paid about 40-50 euro per adult which included appetizers, entree, one shared dessert for all 4 people, and a bottle of wine.

              Overall, I would recommended the restaurant and think that it is probably one of the best places in the Costa Brava region. I just found some of the dishes uneven. But we had a great time and the setting is marvelous.