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May 25, 2012 01:30 AM

Butter Bean and Ham Hock Recipe [split from GT]

When we had the Friendly Cafe back in the late 60's, we often had buter beans and ham hock as special on the menu. I still fix it in my crock pot once in a while.

They also make a good dip mashed with refied beans, onions finely diced. Salt, pepper and a little jalapeno.

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  1. slpsharon, Would you share the butter bean and ham hock recipe with the rest of us? It sounds wonderful!

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    1. re: MaineCook

      Be glad to, it's very simple,

      2 ham hocks
      1 pkg dry butter beans soaked overnight and drained
      water to cover
      1 tsp all seasoning
      1 half tsp freshly cracked pepper
      water to cover
      you judge the salt because I do not use it.

      Throw them in a crock pot and let them cook till the beans are tender

      (I leave them all day, or over night)


      1. re: slpsharon

        Thank you! Do you ever make this using other bean types or a mix of beans?