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French menus

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Anyone have any good book recommendations for brushing up on French - something focused particularly on food would be ideal...so I can understand the menus at the restaurants in Provence.

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  1. www.patriciawells.com/glossary/french...

    The alternative, an actual book, is "The A-Z of French Food", Scribo editions, which is rather pricey ($49.95 at Amazon) unless you plan to spend a fair amount of time with French menu and cooking terms.

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      and the online version can be downloaded to a Kindle or smartphone so it's literally at your fingertips when you need it, without adding the bulk and weight of a meaty book.

    2. Call it a hat trick on Patricia Wells.

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        +1 more, I downloaded her iphone app which along with maps and recs includes an extensive food glossary I've been using often.

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          nice! better than a book, the iphone ap is where it's at. I downloaded it ($4.99) - the glossary alone is worth much more than that. the link above w/ the pdf is good too, but the ap will come in very handy and I'll look less like an American tourist and more like an American a-hole on his phone at dinner. I suppose the latter is better in France! lol

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            they won't be able to separate you from the French (or German or Japanese or British or Spanish or Brazilian or......) a-hole on his phone at dinner.

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              " I'll look less like an American tourist and more like an American a-hole on his phone at dinner."
              Vive le progr├Ęs !

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                The iPhone app's glossary was very useful for interpreting menus on our trip to Paris. I didn't use explore the app much beyond that.