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May 25, 2012 11:53 AM

Toronto wedding venues advice

We're considering The Academy of Spherical Arts for our wedding next year, but I've read mixed reviews about the food. Has anyone had their wedding (ceremony and reception) there? The other location that looks nice is CaFfino, but I've heard bad things about the service. Does anyone know what the food is like at the Arts and Letters Club? I know there have been posts about these venues, but most that I saw dated back to 2010 or earlier. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I really love the Academy as an event venue. The beverage (scotch) selection is amazing and some of the add-ons (like cigar rolling) are really fun for guests. That being said, the food is just ok. There is nothing great about it but it isn't bad either. IMO it is a bit of a trade off for a great space with unique features for just ok food.

    1. We had our wedding ceremony and reception at the Arts & Letters Club last summer. We were initially adamant about booking there because the sample menus on their website seemed kinda run-of-the-mill ie. chicken supreme. However, the Chef and Catering Manager was really happy to to work closely with us to create a customized hybrid menu that reflected our different backgrounds - I'm Carribean and my wife is from Macau. The food turned out, the venue is super cool.

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        Thanks, Clive and JennaBean! We love the venue! We would book the Samuel May room. Did either of you have your ceremony there? Our only concern about the ceremony is visibility, as it seems that most people would need to stand.