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May 25, 2012 09:34 AM

Good Bar with Craft Beer and Good Food to Watch the Ranger Game Tonight

Hi All,

Looking for a bar with good food and a good selection of craft beer for the Ranger game tonight. I was thinking Rattle N Hum would be great beer-wise, but I have never eaten there and don't suppose the food is anything to write home about.

There is availability at the Tap Room at Collichio and Sons, which would be great for beer and food, but I have never been -- is it conductive to watching sports?

Anyone have any reliable go-tos for good food, good beer, and good sports watching?

Location doesn't matter (though the east side would be ideal).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The food is good at the Tap Room but you can't watch sports there (no TV).

    For sports watching, I like the Cannibal, which has great small plates as well as a wide beer selection.

    Boqueria is another option but call for their TV sched.

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    1. re: Riverman500

      Thanks, Riverman. I love Resto's beer selection, so I'm sure Cannibal will be equally good.

      1. re: kmbeer

        Cannibal is an excellent choice but call ahead just to double check the game will be on. They don't show sports regularly- just the big games...obviously this game is huge but I would still double check.

        Another option is Wildwood. Tons of TVs, lots of beer choices and decent BBQ. I love their dirty bird sandwich personally. It also has a lot more room if Cannibal is packed.

    2. The Pony Bar is a craft beer bar with a huge selection. They have televisions around the room. The food is typical bar food, not a big menu - but the beer selection is great.

      1. Try Beer Authority on 40th and 8th......great beer selection

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        1. re: jonsull

          is that open now? good to know.

          1. re: jonsull

            Wow.. Beer Authority has a lot of good Belgians on tap. Will def try that place out. Can't image the food being any good, though...

          2. Thanks, everyone, for the great suggestions. I think we're going to do Cannibal early and possibly stay through the game. However, we are meeting up with another couple for the game, and they want to go someplace with an outdoor drinking area -- is there any place in Manhattan where you can watch a game while drinking outside? I can't really think of any..

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              it's pretty rare for any bar to have tvs outside. I'm even struggling to think of any in Los Angeles. TVs and sun don't go together all that well. if the game is that important, reschedule your plans. otherwise, bring your phone to get the updates.

              1. re: kmbeer

                Beerparc on 6th avenue will have it in on their big screen outside and has food and beer vendors.

                1. re: roze

                  Is BeerParc still operational, since FoodParc closed?

                  1. re: kathryn

                    I think thegforceny answered that question below. Now Brighton but still serving beer!

              2. Seems like you already made up your mind, but for next time, worth noting that the food at Rattle is GREAT. Really great actually and not just for bar food. The Reuben is phenomenal.


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                1. re: noodlelust

                  Dude, come on. Rattle n hum has a REALLY GREAT beer list. Its food? NOT great.

                  Serviceable. It is perfectly serviceable.

                  OP - Try here - The Brighton: