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May 25, 2012 09:25 AM

new rotisserie suggestion

I did a quick search and am surprised that there aren't many responses to the rotisserie threads. I have a CharGriller off-set smoker and just bought a rotisserie for it. I'm excited to get cooking this long weekend, and am hoping for some tried-and-true tips or recipes from seasoned hounds.
I''m the only lamb fan in the family, so I probably won't be cooking any. Other than that, I'm grateful for any suggestions!

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  1. Jerk seasoning is awesome for Pork, chicken and Goat. I think it works well with the rotisserie to. I like my meat to be seasoned for at least 24 hours ahead. When I do chicken I will also place lime slices in them so they tumble around and flavor the meat. Cornish Game Hens are the best when cooked that way. You can see my big rotisserie at They make all types.

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      Wow, that put's my little rotisserie to shame! Awesome, and thanks for the suggestions. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a couple of chickens with lemon, garlic and herbs under the skin, and more tucked in the cavity.
      Lime will be perfect with our love for Mexican flavors.
      I've been dying to cook some Cornish Hens, so that's a great suggestion. Now high on my list.
      Happy Memorial Day!

    2. I meant to post a pic. Here it is.

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        Now that's a pit!!!! You could rotisserie a dinosaur in something that big.

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            Was this story about you....

            Wholly Cow! A Few Brave Grillers Go 'Nose-to-Tail'

            You're my hero for the week!!!!

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              That was last years. We did it again 2 weeks ago and it was much much bigger. The event has a group on facebook.

      2. Besides rotisserie chicken, I was able to test recipes for rotisserie leg of lamb and pork loin in the CHOW Test Kitchen, here are the recipes, they were delicious!

        1. A standing rib roast is ideal for the rotisserie. Bone-in or boneless work equally well. Same is true for a garlic-rosemary rub or just salt and pepper. It's one of my favorites!

          1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Christine, I did see the great-looking recipes on Chow. I'll definitely put them to the test. That Asian chicken and caramelized veggies looks especially tempting.

            My first experiment was a bit of a disaster. We made the charcoal fire too big and then didn't put the spit securely in the motor and the two chickens fell off and caught on fire, butcher's twine and all. It was actually kind of funny. We managed to salvage the chicken and finish it in the oven, and it was still delicious.

            I'm determined not to be defeated, so I'll brave it again this weekend.