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May 25, 2012 09:02 AM

Last Minute: Good Eats in Woodstock, Vermont?

My hubby and I have decided at the last minute (!) to head up to Woodstock, Vermont for the long weekend. We've never been to Vermont before (from NYC) and so are very excited. Just booked where we're staying and am now looking into activities, hikes and food recs! Did a quick search here and see that folks had good things to say about Prince & the Pauper. Would appreciate any other food recs in and around Woodstock!

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  1. I'm pretty sure you'll pretty good reviews on:

    I haven't eaten there so can't give one for you, but I've read mostly good about it. It is a really pretty site. You are probably alreay up there by now.

    1. If you're still up here, and you're still poking around and haven't been, look at the King Arthur flour store.

      1. Whenever we're in the area, we always stop at Sugarbush Farm just down the road and get some of their terrific cheese to bring home. They also sell great maple syrup and other Vermont products from their farm which are excellent but the cheese is (IMHO anyway :-) the best !

        Also I second the recommendation about King Arthur Flour store. Definitely very interesting and worth the detour. Lots of stuff you won't find elsewhere, and enjoyable even if you are not into baking in a big way.

        Plus they have a bakery & cafe there, which are worth the detour :-)

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          Thanks everyone for the replies! We didn't end up making it to the flour store or Simon Pearce, but we did stop by Sugarbush Farm on Monday and LOVED the cheese! Left the farm laden with cheese and syrups for family gifts (and for us!). Very happy too to support a working farm in the area. Had a wonderful weekend up in Woodstock and hope to be back soon.