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May 25, 2012 08:59 AM

...and Cigars?

For fellow CH who enjoy a good cigar with some sort of spirit selection, I'm curious what your favorite combinations are? Size/brand of cigar, type of liquor or brand?

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  1. Lots of variables here. I have a few favorites and rules of thumb. My preferred cigar sizes are robusto and corona, which are both about 30 minute smokes, the robusto being shorter but larger ring size. These enable me to go sweet with porto, madeira, Xtabentun, or Sambucca, or go hot with cognac, single malt, or bourbon, or go middle with an anejo rum or tequila or mezcal. With a longer smoke such as a Churchill I'll always go sweet usually with a bottle of VP, but those are special occasions. Davidoff Churchills are reliable, Cohiba Esplenditos are nearly all counterfeit unless you purchase them in Spain.

    My favorite coronas, H. Upmann, Punch, and Cohiba Siglo III, are cuban and they don't Venn Diagram well with single malts and cognacs but they meld with Havana Club anejo. I rub a litte on the wrapper and get started with a sipper. Romeo Y Julietta also. My lonely humidor in FL has mostly Cohiba robustos and Partagas as I recall. I get back just a couple times a year.

    Maduros and oscuros are strong but sweeter and call for a hot companion - cognac or scotch or bourbon. It's all fun.

    1. nj, it looks like you and me so far. Share your favorite combos...

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        I am a fan of Alec Bradley Tempus. I will on occasion have bourbon but at the end if a meal I like to go sweet. 75 year Grand Marnier, Desarrono neat. One of my favorites is ZAYA rum with a little ice.

        If I am enjoying Davidoff I lean toward the ZAYA or a good Bourbon.

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          75 Year Grand Marnier? I'm familiar with 50/100/150 but I have never encountered a 75 year. Is that something new?

      2. 20th Anniversary Plantation Extra Old Barbados Rum and whatever cigar my cousin had out on the deck last Thanksgiving. Like fat rich booze when I'm enjoying a smoke. Armagnac is nice too.

        1. It's hard to ignore a woman who can manage a petit corona in one hand, and a jerez sherry in the other...

          1. I was educated in the lore and pleasures of finer cigars by one of the Wally Frank managers...and immediately knew I was going to work there. I did for a couple of years. I was able to sample some of the finest cigars on the market and developed a very broad-based acceptance of larger, longer, darker cigars. A guy my size would look funny smoking a smaller cigar, IMHO. Just as my taste in cigars is quite eclectic, my taste in libations is as well. I don't smoke nor drink enough to really develop any favorites. Although the LAST time I indulged, it was with a Te Amo Robusto and a glass of Bortran Reserva, neat. Guess I'll just HAVE to do more research....grumble grumble...

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              Te Amo is the reason travelers from Cuba to Mexico can only bring 2 boxes of cigars back with them. Large Mexican producers of anything have a lot of influence over limiting foreign competitors, most notably American beer.

              Te Amo are a pretty good everyday smoke.