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May 25, 2012 08:45 AM

Food shopping suggestions across the Niagara Falls border? (moved from Ontario board)

I am planning a short trip to Niagara Falls this weekend, and would like to know if there are cool, tasty grocery items I can get while being on the other side of the border? I have in mind things that are otherwise hard to find in Canada.

I will not be driving far, and am thinking of places like Wegman's and Walmart. From this board, it sounds like the biggest contenders would be Nathan's hotdogs and chips. Any suggestions on these and others, and any other places I should pay a visit to?

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  1. I'm keen on boxed brownie mixes and the like. I love to bake from scratch but when using a mix, you can't beat the selection in the states. Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownie mix is to die for and you can't get it here - you'll find it pretty much everywhere. I'm also big on bagged candies - the Reese's miniatures in dark chocolate are unavailable here. Dark chocolate peanut M&M's are another favourite of mine - just started getting them here but in the states you can get twice as many for a fraction of the price.
    In my opinion I would hit Target over Wal-mart - they have their upscale store brand Archer Farms (I'm curious - and not too hopeful - to see if Canadian Targets will carry Archer Farms) and you can get some interesting chip flavours, cookies, cereals, coffees, pasta sauces, etc. I picked up some Giada Di Laurentis jarred tomato sauce (it was well recommended by consumer's reports - it was good but nothing special) as well as her jarred pesto which was really good.
    Happy shopping. I'm an American transplanted to Canada 15 years ago, and I sure miss the variety of packaged junk (and the absurd variety of things food and non-food you can buy online) in the states - though I generally try not to buy much of it now. But if I moved back to the US, I sure would miss my PC products!

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      Thank you for the lovely suggestions, including the advice on Target, which I will definitely try to make to! Everything noted and added to my list.

      I do crave for the much bigger selection of packaged junk food when here in Canada. So much that we cannot get, even online. But you are right, no matter where, you will always miss something from the other side!

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      1. Have you tried Weber's horseradish mustard? My friends and family, living in the U.S. south and southwest, always stock up on Weber's when in town. It's pretty amazing stuff, and is available at both Tops and Wegmans. I'm a Wegmans fan, but must divulge that only Tops sells Weber's in a squeeze bottle. You can be like my father and transfer the product from a jar into a squeeze container, if you wish. Joke. I strongly recommend going to Wegmans. Friends in TO always asked me to bring Smart Food, a bagged popcorn, when I visited in previous decades. I'm not sure if Smart Food is now available in Ontario, but you can find it in the U.S. with the chips and pretzels. Happy shopping.

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          I'm pretty sure Smart Food has been available in Canada for 20 plus years.

        2. My choice for hotdogs is Sahlen's. I believe they are only available in WNY. Re: potato chips - it's WISE all the way. Not sure if you can get JIF peanut butter in T.O. now... Always have to pick up DOVE dark choc covered almonds, but they are hard to find (Walgreen's is your best bet)
          Vosges Chocolate bacon bar was at wegman's for about $5. It's about $10 in T.O. (or KW anyway)

          If you're looking for a quick bite while shopping: Dibella's Subs at Wegman's (or a diBella's location) I know you're thinking...subs? But nowhere in ON can touch this place. Truly fantastic (I think it's the bread)

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            I also pick up Sahlen's hot dogs whenever in western NY. It is my favorite brand.