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May 25, 2012 08:07 AM

fried clams in southern New England

Help I'm looking for some good not overly priced fried clams near Saco Maine.

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  1. This will probably get moved to the Northern NE board....anywho, my favorite seafood place in southern Maine is Fisherman's Catch in Wells. Just a little south of Biddeford.

    1. Wormwoods, just down the way in Cape Ellis. Huots at Camp Ellis is good, too! (However, you might want to re-post your questiong, Southern Maine is not "Southern New England")

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        When you said Southern New England, I was gonna recommed The Hingham Lobster Pound in Hingham, Mass - it would be QUITE a trip from Saco, Maine tho! : )

      2. Cape Pier Chowder House in Cape Porpoise.