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May 25, 2012 07:35 AM

Filfilah in Columbia Heights

Ate there last weekend. Turkish food. Everything was good.

We wanted to sample a variety of things, so we ordered the meze plate and the combo platter. The portions are generous, we had enough food to feed 5 adults.

From the meze plate:

Hummus -- delicate, not too sour, mild tahini taste, creamy, really liked this one

Baba ghanoush -- delicate, mostly smokey flavor, good

Dolmeh -- mild, not too sour, olive oil taste, I usually do not like these but actually ate one, they are the best I've tried, still don't like them in general

Tzatziki -- delicate but good

Feta and kalamata olives -- salty and typical

Combo platter:

Lamb and beef shawarma: actual chunks of beef and lamb, mild flavor, very good

Lamb kebab: juicy, tender, mild flavor, excellent, highly recommend

Chicke Kebab: juicy, tender, mild flavor, excellent, highly recommend

Chicken shawarma: chuncks of chicken, mild flavor, not as good as chicken kebab

Falafel: the best I've ever had, they put sesame seeds in it, good texture and flavor. Hubby generally will not eat falafel but he ate 2 or 3 of them and said they were good.

The chef has a delicate touch when it comes to spices, but they are well balanced and nothing is over powering. You can probably tell that I do not like things that are too sour -- too often there is just too much lemon juice and/or garlic in these type of dishes and it tends to overpower all other flavors.

Will be going back there again soon.


4301 Central Ave NE

Columbia Heights, MN 55421

(763) 781-2222

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  1. KC, I tried Filfillah a bit more than a year ago on a quest for real lamb shawarma. They had it but when I got mine the lamb was dried out to the point of being inedible. Maybe they deserve another chance.

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    1. re: JimGrinsfelder

      The shawarma I had was good, they were not overcooked or dry, although like I said the Kebabs are better. Now that I've tried a few things I'm sticking with either the lamb or chicken kebabs from now on -- they are great.

    2. Went back this weekend and had baklava and kunefe for dessert. Love both. Kunefe was really good. Both were made by the chef. They also make their own bread, which is delicious as well. If you go ask them for the homemade bread. They also have regular pita bread but it's made somewhere else.

      Ordered the lamb kebab and it was tender and juicy.

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      1. re: KCMPLS

        I just went to Filfillah for lunch. It was GREAT! I tried lamb kebab and they were amazing. Great flavor. Very succulent/juicy. I also tried the shwarma. It's top notch. I will definitely be going back. I think they should serve this food out of a truck and at the state fair and maybe closer to the river in NE. It's a bit of a haul up to Columbia Heights.

      2. Filfillah is a great place to eat. I love the meat and the schwarmas especially. Try the red lentil soup, it's really good too.

        1. I've had a craving for Turkish food, and it looks like Filfillah might fit into our schedule during out next trip to MSP. I've looked online for a menu, but could not find one. Could someone tell me if they have pide? That's what I'm craving most (I'll probably go even if they don't have pide, but I'd love to get me some if available!).

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          1. re: prasantrin

            No, sorry. No pide bread. It's not turkish food. All standard mid-east american----schwarma, falafel, hummus, rice, kabobs.......etc.

            1. re: alpa chino

              Filfillah is not a real Turkish restaurant?

              Well, I guess I I can cross it off my list. With so many other good ME restaurants in MSP, there's no need to make a special trip out there. Are there any real Turkish restaurants in MSP that might have pide?

              1. re: prasantrin

                KCMPLS says it's Turkish food and alpa chino declares it's not. I wouldn't know one way or the other, but is there anything besides pide on the menu that would settle the question empirically? What would you expect to see, in terms of dishes or flavors?

                1. re: prasantrin

                  Filfillah is a Turkish restaurant in the sense that the guy who owns/runs it is from Turkey.

                  Does he offer what you're seeking? I don't know. I do know he offers the best actual meat shwarma I've had in the Twin Cities and the best lamb kebabs I've had in the Twin Cities.

                  He seemed like a really nice guy. If you go in and talk with him and appreciate what's on offer, maybe he could make you some pide.

                  Also, there's a place in St. Paul, on Snelling north of University on the west side, the Black Sea, that claims to offer Turkish food. I haven't been there in a very long time, but they might have the food you're seeking.

                  1. re: prasantrin

                    Since I am not from Turkey, I cannot tell you if it is real Turkish or Americanized Turkish. However, the food is fabulous IMO regardless what it is classified as. Every time I went there there seems to be a lot of people talking to the chef in a language I assume is Turkish and that is always a good sign--seeing natives eating in their own style of restaurant.

                    1. re: KCMPLS

                      I have a friend with a Turkish husband and they really liked this place and recommended it. We're going to go with them and check it out, but I guess the chef is going to be going on vacation soon so we are going to make sure we go there when he is there.

                    2. re: prasantrin

                      Actually, I have to make one small correction. There is a dish that they have called the iskender special. That, I guess, is technically turkish. They take the schwarma meat, put it over rice, then pour a tomato sauce over it--and it's accompanied by yogurt. But outside of that, it's standard mideast fare.

                      I've never heard of a turkish restaurant here in the TC. The only one I found was this one:

                      And this one's kurdish:

                      But I've never been to either, so I can't comment.

                  2. re: prasantrin

                    I'm not Turkish, but I did eat a whole lot of Turkish food while visiting Turkey, and Filfilah serves pretty typical Turkish "fast food". The only thing at Filfilah that I never saw in a Turkish restaurant is falafel. The schwarma here is called doner in Turkish, and one of the very few places you can get actual meat-roasted-on-a-spit in your gyro/doner sandwich in the Twin Cities, as opposed to the standard commercial pressed meat product. A couple of menu items use non-Turkish names, probably for ease of use for the general public, but are still very much Turkish food. A couple of items - adana and iskender kebab - are dishes you can't find elsewhere in the city, as far as I know.

                    There are a lot of similar dishes in the cuisines of the middle east and central Asia, with loads of regional specialties. We certainly have standard repertoire of Americanized favorites at many of our local ME restaurants. Just because Filfilah serves some of these dishes doesn't mean it isn't a Turkish restaurant. And it isn't serving fine Ottoman cuisine or Anatolian specialties, just really typical, everyday food.

                    Yes, there is pide. Not pide/pita bread, but pide, a Turkish pizza-like dish. I have not tried it myself, but you should and report back.

                    Every time I run into a Turk in town, I mention Filfilah and get very favorable review, for what its worth.

                    Here's the menu:

                    1. re: jbanana

                      Thanks, jbanana, I feel like I understand the cuisine and the menu a little bit better now!

                      1. re: jbanana

                        Jbanana, did you check that link? I don't see a menu there.

                        1. re: ChillyDog

                          ChillyDog, the link worked for me. Now I'm hungry. :)

                          1. re: justalex

                   works from my laptop but not my mobile device.


                    2. We ordered out from there recently. There was no online menu so I got the meat platter for 2, a mezze platter, and some falafel. The portions are absolutely enormous. The meat platter came in one of those catering tins, we had over a dozen falafel, two meals worth of hummus, bread and such, and a full sized salad.

                      I appreciated the quality of the meat in general. However, the flavoring was a bit inconsistent. Some of the pieces had a nice smoky taste to them, while some were bland. I think it was just a bit underseasoned compared to places like Aida and Black Sea.

                      Still, for the quantity and quality of meat, it was a solid value.