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May 25, 2012 07:01 AM

What would you call the shape of this knife?

The lower one, with brown wooden handle. I have had it for more than 20 years and frankly don't recall where it came from; probably a long forgotten roommate. Name on the side is CADIE. It is nothing special yet I love the shape and feel of it so I end up reaching for it 9 times out of 10. Other knife is a Henkel, my #2 knife. Anyway, after years of being sharpened and mistreated by my spouse and kids, I worry that Cadie will leave me soon so I'm on the hunt for a similar shaped knife. Can you help me identify what in the heck I have and where to look for something comparable (better)?

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  1. I'd call it a santoku, but others may know of a more accurate name for it. Look for Shun's older line of "Alton's Angle" knives. The handles all come off the blades at the angle of your Cadie. But be prepared for sticker-shock!

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    1. That is a toughie!

      THe closest thing ive seen recently to that shape is the ken onion santoku knife from shun

      1. I would call it a Santoku/Sandwich hybrid. There is a Ginsu-equivalent of this shape that was popular about 20 years ago--it had a characteristic pierced tip. I have two at a different house--I will try to remember to get a mfgr/mod for you.

        The offset and rake are convenient and ergonomic if you are tall and/or your block is low. Otherwise, not so much.


        1. The blade shape is santokuish but the large offset angle of the handle/blade is common in industrial knives used in meat processing.


          1. I don't think this is a santoku. It doesn't resmembe any santoku I have ever seen. A look at some butchering knives online convinces me that was meant for cutting meat. The angle of the handle would give good leverage as the knife cut through, say ligaments and small bones. I suspect it is a specialty meat cutting knife.

            By the way, there is a Jananes knife brand, Caddie. I couldn't find anything online with the name Cadie.

            I think the wooden handle may indicate its age.

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              Yes, it is at least 20 years old. Definitely Cadie. The only reference I could find online to Cadie was a manual golf cart thingie. Maybe it was a promotional knife.