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May 25, 2012 07:00 AM

Pasadena - Need Some Help

Haven't been in Pasadena in quite awhile. Would like to know what is new and really good for dinner. Will be there next Tuesday night. I've been to the Parkway Grill and their adjoining steakhouse. Preferably American, French or Chinese other than Yujean Kangs. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Hugh. I've become intrigued by Noir Food & Wine based on what I've read and plan on giving it a try next time we are up that way. I'm sure you'll get some great rec's by those "Hounds on the Ground" up in that area.

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        Noir is an excellent choice; as well, a/k/a Bistro is a great dinner/lunch option. Both restaurants have great wine selections if that interests you.

        1. re: foufou

          Ración looks encouraging. I haven't been to Noir, but I went to a/k/a once. Expensive and ordinary. Pasadena's not great for mid/somewhat upscale stuff. I've actually heard lots of good things about the dinners at the Intelligentsia there. I've gotten several different things for breakfast and lunch, they were totally solid. Beer and wine, too.

          If you're gonna splurge: I'm sure you know about the Royce. Supposed to be amazing.

          I also really like the Luggage Room pizzeria--solid pizzas, apps, and a $5 corkage--so feel free to bring a wine from either Mission or the new Everson and Royce in Old Towne.

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            looking forward to trying Racion but my experience differs on a/k/a. have yet to have a bad meal or service there. Usually when I am going to splurge on a meal I leave Pasadena.

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              Just called Intelligentsia based on virtual balboa's post. They are no longer selling food with the exception of pastries. They will be serving cheese and charcuterie soon.

            2. re: foufou

              AKA Bistro is owned and operated by Robert Simon, of Bistro 45. In the former Gordon Biersch space at One Colorado.

              Had a decent meal recently at Malbec on Green Street a few blocks east of Lake. Featuring of course Argentinean cuisine, and of course the Malbec. Not the greatest collection of older Malbecs(which no one does better than Carlito's Gardel on Melrose near Fairfax), but a decent selection.

              But bring a flashlight to read the menu! Only if you go will you realize how valid this comment is.
              Also, since Tuesday night is one of the tasting nights at Everson Royce, the new wine shop from the Silver Lake Wine couple of April and Randy, might stop there before dinner and see what they have to taste. Located north of the armory on Raymond, across from Memorial Park and just north of Cafe Bizou. for the mailing list.

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                Will Everson Royce replace the Heritage Wine shop on Raymond?

          2. Our current favorites are Racion and Vol 94. I thought Noir Food and Wine was just OK and have heard not so good things about the Royce lately.

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              Thanks for the recommendation on Vol 94! I ate there last night with a group of friends. We started with the duck fat nuts (soo good), roasted asparagus, purple broccoli, oysters and pan-fried scallops, followed by the lamb chops and chicken w/waffle. Service was great, atmosphere was good. We could actually have a discussion without yelling, so I appreciated the acoustics. The 80s music made me laugh. Other members of my party found the music disconcerting but everyone agreed the food was stellar. It's small plates, so we all shared everything which was perfect. Bill came to $50 pp with wine which, given the amount and quality of what we had, was very reasonable.